If you have a dog, there’s probably a good chance that you’re going to take your pooch out for a walk three to five times a week. Since it’s great to get exercise for yourself and your dog, there are some things that you can do to make your dog walking a little more enjoyable. While some dogs are easy to walk with, others can be a challenge. So no matter how easy it is to walk with your dog, here are 10 tips you may want to keep in mind:


#1 Walk in Front of your Dog

When you walk in front of your dog, they are going to know that you’re in control. While this can take some time to get the hang of, try to make it a habit every time you go for a walk.

Walking your dog on a leash

Walking your dog on a leash (Flickr.com)

#2 Watch the Leash Size

When walking your dog in public, try to stick to a short leash. While it’s okay to have a longer leash in desolate fields, these shorter leashes will keep the dog near you so that you don’t have to worry about your dog attacking anything nearby.

#3 Reward your Dog

If your dog has been good during the walk, try to reward him/her with a simple treat. Don’t forget to reward your dog after the walk has been completed. If they are out of control, be sure to discipline and not hand out a treat.

#4 Know How Long They Can Last

Certain breeds can only last so long on a walk. If you take your dog for a walk and they can’t handle it, what you’re going to find is that they will just want to sit or get agitated. Make sure that you know your breed inside and out.

#5 Don’t Forget the Scooper

No one likes a dog making a large mess on their yard. Because of that, always make sure that you carry a bag around. When the dog does their business, it’s best to bag it up and throw it away in the nearest trash can.

#6 Bring Some Water

No matter how warm or cold it is, don’t forget to bring along some water for your pooch. Every 15 minutes or so, you will want to take a small break and give them a little bit of water.

#7 Don’t Forget to Rest

Touching on the water note, you will want to take a rest here and there. Usually, when your dog is panting out of control, it’s probably a sign that you should let your dog sit down for a few minutes. If you tend to overdo it, your dog will never want to go on a walk.

#8 Does your Dog have ID?

When you take your dog out, it’s best to always prepare for the worst case scenario. If they do get lost by accident, always make sure that they have ID. That way, if something happens, someone will know exactly who the dog belongs to.

#9 Know your Dangers

Every park and area will have their own dangers. Make sure that you know what kinds of dangers surround your dog. If your dog gets aggressive around people, it may be best to avoid areas with a lot of people around.

#10 Be Calm

If your dog seems to be out of control before you even leave the door, you may want to wait until the dog gets relaxed. Generally, talking in a soothing voice and leading the way, a dog can slow down in no time.

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