We are so excited to be doing our very first Holiday Gift Guide!  We hope you find some doggie items that you like!

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Christmas is right around the corner and we have put together a Holiday Gift Guide for all you pet lovers out there!  Our list includes many products that we use and love and other products that are on our wish list!

Gift Ideas for Both The Pet Lover and their Pet

We are going to start out with two of mommy’s most favorite items.  Mommy loves these two items and she says they have made her life so much easier!  Are you wondering what they are?  Drumroll please…..

They are the Deluxe Sta-Put Bench Seat Cover and the Richell Hands Free Pet Gate.

Mommy absolutely loves these two products! 

The Bench Seat Cover is awesome because mommy doesn’t have to use a sheet in the back seat of the car anymore!  She just leaves the Deluxe Sta-Put Bench Seat Cover attached to the back seat and it is perfect!  No more having to go vacuum dog hair out of the back seat every time she turns around.  This seat cover would make the perfect gift for you or for someone you know that has a pet that they travel with!  You can find out more by reading our review and you can go here to order one!



Next on our list is the Richell Pet Gate!  Mommy says this is the best pet gate ever and everyone should have one!  Us dogs haven’t figured out how to break through it yet, and we aren’t too thrilled that mommy got it; but mommy loves it and I mean LOVES it!  You can read more about it in our review and you can order one here.



Next on our list is the PupSTEP Wood Stairs.  These stairs are available in large and extra large sizes.  These steps look great in any room and are a lifesaver for those pets that can’t reach their favorite places on their own!  They have safety side rails that are built into the design so your furry friend can climb up and down with confidence and even better…no assembly is required.  Go here to find out more about these Pet Stairs and go here to order them!

Yummy Stocking Stuffers For Your Pet

We love treats and we think these would make great stocking stuffers!  One of our favorites is Smart Bones Smart Fillets!  We think these are absolutely yummy!  Another treat that we like is Minties Dental Treats.  Not only are they yummy but they help keep our teeth and gums healthy!  Mommy gives us Hip+Joint which is an all natural pet supplement, and even though they are good for us, we also think they are extra delicious!  And just so mommy knows, we really want to try out the think!dog Louisiana Alligator Soft Chews.  Don’t those sound yummy?  Another treat that we really love are Zuke’s Jerky Naturals Tender Lamb Treats.  OMD..they are pawesome!  In fact, all of Zuke’s doggie treats are awesome!


Every Dog Needs A Toy!

Every dog needs a toy and not just one!  We need a basket full of toys to keep us busy and entertained!  We are just like you humans!  We like to keep busy and we like to play with our toys!  We especially like Kong Toys!  A few that we suggest are the KONG Extreme Dog Toy, the KONG Stuff’N Snacks and the KONG Cozie Marvin the Moose!  If you get your dog one of these to play with, he will be so happy!



You can also find all kinds of KONG Toys at our Pet Store! Go here to take a look and get 20% OFF your First Order of $49 when you use the coupon code:  FIRST at checkout!

Some other toys we think are awesome include the Interactive IQ Treat Ball, the Nylabone Big Chew, and the Prairie Dog Elk Split Antler Dog Chew


All Dogs Deserve A Dog Bed!

We think every dog deserves to have his own bed!  Granted, our beds don’t last very long around here because Diesel and Teddy seem to think they are chew toys!  I personally would like to have this extra large Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed!  Doesn’t it look comfy!  I also think this Fantasy Furniture Deluxe Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed Set looks scrumpious!  Some more bed on our want list are the Large Memory Foam Pet Lounger, the Snoozer Overstuffed Luxury Pet Sofa and the Floppy Ears Design Microfiber and Fleece Surround Bolster Dog Bed.


Books For The Pet Lover!

Last but not least, we thought we would include some really good books for the pet owner!  I think all you humans need to enjoy life a little by curling up with a good book, and do we have some good ones for you!  First of all, we have to mention Diesel’s book about being adopted from a shelter!  It’s a fast read and is about our precious Diesel being adopted from the Edmond Animal Shelter.  Mommy is also a big fan of M.K. Clinton’s series:  The Returns.  Mommy really liked both of these books and she knows you will too!  Some more books that we recommend are: Amazing Gracie, Giant George, Oogy and I’m a Good Dog.




‘Tis the Season to give your dog a really great gift!  And if you didn’t like any of our suggestions, click on the Amazon banner below and find exactly what you are looking for!  Happy Shopping!


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