Two hundred sixty three dogs were seized when police raided a Florida residence last week. The dogs were found in sickening conditions living outside their owner’s home.  Animal Rescue groups are now in need of your help.

The small dogs were removed by the Sarasota Animal Services.  The dogs included Chihuahuas, Malteses, Jack Russells, Poodles and Schnauzers.  The dogs were removed last week, taking several days to get them all.  The dogs had been fed but they had severely matted fur, fleas, eye issues and intestinal parasites.  The dogs were being kept in a series of chicken coop-like structures outside of the home.  The doggies were covered in urine laying in their own waste.  They were in wretched condition.

Animal cruelty charges are pending against the owner but she has not been arrested.  She was a breeder who became an animal hoarder.

The animals are being put up for adoption and aren’t being put to sleep.  Rescue groups as far as Orlando are helping with the dogs.  You can help to.  You can see some of the dogs that are already up for adoption by clicking here or by contacting one of these shelters: Almost Home, Florida Little Dog Rescue, Honor Sanctuary, Canine Castaways, Safe Haven, Suncoast Humane Society, Underdog Rescue, Florida Poodle Rescue, VIP Rescue, Kickapoo Rescue, Certified Preowned Dogs, Bay Road Animal Hospital and Ashton Animal Clinic.

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