Dogs are amazing. They’re loyal companions, they protect our families and they provide endless amusement with the antics that they get up to. Sadly, they’re also prone to health problems which are painful for them, and distressing for owners to witness, not to mention expensive once the vet’s bills begin to pile up. Here are three very common health issues that many dogs face and some simple remedies that you can use to help keep things under control.

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Hotspots (Moist Dermatitis)

Hotspots are notoriously difficult to treat. Most of the time they’re the result of your dog’s obsessive drive to lick at themselves—whether that’s an attempt to self-sooth anxiety (licking releases feel good hormones called endorphins) or a misguided cure for boredom.

If a hotspot isn’t dealt with quickly, the damaged area of skin can grow to an alarming size and the lesion can be quite deep.

A visit to your vet can rule out any type of mite infection or more serious condition like cancer that could be present, but then you’re pretty much on your own. Sometimes bitter apple spray can deter your dog from licking, but that kind of remedy doesn’t usually work for long as the urge to lick wins out.

The best thing to do is prevent your dog from licking at their legs. You can find instructions for homemade leggings if you do an internet search, or you can buy inexpensive, ready-made leg protectors. Once your dog can’t lick at their favorite spot, the lesion will get a chance to heal.

Joint Pain and Stiffness

Older dogs are commonly troubled with aching or stiff joints that prevent them from enjoying full mobility, and it’s sad to watch a much loved friend begin to slow down.

You can help your dog retain his youthful exuberance by switching to a raw food diet. A raw food diet involves feeding your dog meat and bones while avoiding commercial pet food that is full of carbohydrate based bulking agents.

Carbohydrates contribute to the inflammation that leads to painful joints, so by eliminating carbs from your dog’s daily diet, you can help turn back the clock and help him feel young again.

A change of diet is one part of the puzzle, the other is using a quality supplement like Canna Companion that further reduces inflammation and eases pain. Canna Companion is an all-natural hemp supplement developed by vets, so you can feel confident that your dog is getting a tried and tested health boost.

Tooth Decay

Another condition caused by feeding an inappropriate diet, is tooth decay. Dogs that are fed a natural, raw diet may show signs of tooth wear and tear as they grow older, but they rarely have tooth decay or the foul breath that accompanies it.

If you don’t want to switch to raw feeding, you should make sure that your dog gets regular meaty bones to gnaw on which will clean and strengthen his teeth. Bones are easy to get hold of even if you don’t have an independent butcher in your neighborhood, or a butcher counter at your supermarket.

The rise in popularity of the Paleo Diet and its ‘holy grail’ bone broth, means that there are many suppliers of meaty bones that sell their products online and ship nationwide.

Following these health tips can help to relieve pain and discomfort and give your dog a new lease of life, without the burden of expensive veterinary procedures and medications.




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