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Dog parents love their pets like family. Unfortunately, sometimes their love is without the right kind of direction. Some of the mistakes they make may end up shortening their pets’ life. Here are three of the most important areas in which dog parents tend to make mistakes.

Ways to help your dog live longer

What is your policy on table scraps and treats?

Eating is one of life’s top highlights for a dog – especially if the food in question smells good. Dogs love the way human food tastes and smells and are always happy for a few table scraps. Dog parents need to realize, though, that dogs and humans have different physiologies. Many kinds of human food are dangerous to dogs. To help your dog live a longer and healthier life, you need to pay attention to the kind of food you allow him.

Table scraps: Even the human body is often barely able to put up with some popular foods. Human food often includes cooked fat and red meat. Ingredients such as these can cause cancer or pancreatitis in many dog breeds.

Onions, Chinese food and pizza contain a substance called thiosulfate that can vaporize canine red blood cells. Simple meal ingredients like mushrooms can cause death in many canine breeds. Even recipes that include liver can poison a dog – vitamin A toxicity is a dangerous condition.

Sweets and treats: Dogs love chocolate and children often give their dogs a little chocolate treat every now and then. The canine digestive system, though, is not built to digest cocoa. It can act as a stimulant to a dog’s heart and kidneys. Some dogs disagree so violently with cocoa that they go into a coma. Nuts, fruits and milk are other innocent human foods that can be particularly dangerous to dogs.

One of the best ways to help your dog live longer would be to avoid giving him any kind of human food at all, unless you have specific information that it’s safe.

The right approach with dietary supplements

Dietary supplements are a part of life for many people. Often, they look for supplements for their pets as well. Joint supplements for dogs keeps your pet free of arthritis, for instance. Fatty acids help dogs with shedding problems and antioxidants help dogs fight cognitive dysfunction as they age.

If your dog gets a homemade diet rather than a high quality commercially available dog food that has all the necessary ingredients and extra nutrients added, he could benefit from a few supplements. Whatever supplements you give your dog, you need to consult the veterinarian to find out what nutritional deficiencies your dog suffers from and buy supplements to counter those problems.

Buying supplements without adequate knowledge and planning can be bad for your dog. Excessive vitamins, for instance, can cause a dog to lose his appetite and muscle tone. Dehydration, joint pain and poor circulatory health are possible, too.

A lack of exercise hurts your pet’s chances at a long and healthy life just as it does yours

Alongside excellent nutrition, ensuring adequate exercise is one of the most important ways of helping your dog live a long, good and healthy life. Just as with humans, improved exercise can help a dog maintain a healthy weight and put less stress on his joints, heart and kidneys. Enough exercise is also the key to a healthier and happier mind.

Author Bio:  Adam Jenson is a veterinarian. He loves to help dog owners protect the health of their dog by writing for homeowner blogs.



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