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You shelled out a fortune for private training, have a cache of stimulating toys to keep your dog busy while you’re at work and you only buy the best organic dog food. Only the best for your furry best friend. But how protected is your pet when you aren’t at home?

Here are four strategies to better protect your home and your dog from a home invasion:

Secure Your Garage

While the front door, back door and first-floor windows are the most common entry point for burglars, the next most-used entrance for break-ins is the garage, according to Prevent burglars from breaching your home through the garage by always keeping the door leading from your garage into your house locked securely. Many people fail to do this for the sake of convenience, but many garage doors can be easy to force open. If your garage is around back, away from the street as well as passersby and nosy neighbors, then it is all the more likely to be an opportune entry point.

It goes without saying to never leave your garage door open when you aren’t home, but you should be wary of ever leaving it open. Many people will leave the garage door open when they are doing yard work, working in the garage or taking the dog out, however, this can simply put your big-ticket item belongings on display, tempting any crooks that pass by as they case the neighborhood.

Install Security Cameras

A set of good quality security cameras can help you protect your home from thieves, while also providing an opportunity to check in on your furry bestie while you’re away at work. To get the most effective home security, you’ll want to install cameras around the perimeter of your house, near the doors and inside in any main areas where your pet tends to hang out during the day. Lorex home security camera systems are an ideal option that offers the most bang for your buck, with packages that include multiple cameras with features like color night vision and ultra high-definition filming capability. You can also use the system’s companion app to view footage or watch live views of inside and outside of your home to make sure that you pup isn’t getting into any trouble.

Add Ample Outdoor Lighting

Burglars find opportunity in darkness, so illuminate your property to take away their safe haven to plot the next hit. Start by installing a light over each entry point of your home. Add motion-sensored lighting by the garage and in any areas where you don’t want lights to be on all night long. Add landscape lighting throughout your property to eliminate any dark corners for burglars to duck out of sight of passersby. Set all exterior lighting on a timer from sunset to sunrise so that you won’t ever have to worry about forgetting to switch on the outdoor lighting.

Hide the Spare Key Better

You aren’t fooling anyone by hiding your spare house key in that fake rock by the front door. It doesn’t take a seasoned prowler to find a spare key that is hidden in obvious places like under the doormat or under a potted plant either. Instead, use a coded key vault or hide it in a particularly inconspicuous area at least 50 feet from the front door.



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