Valentine’s Day—the one day of the year to express your enduring commitment to the love of your life. As a dog lover, though, Valentine’s Day is devoted to celebrating this special day with your four-legged, furry soul mate. Whether you’re taken or single, here’s how to spend Valentine’s Day with your one true love—your pup.

Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Dog

Sweet Treats

Nothing says I love you more than homemade, heart-shaped treats. Made with love and natural ingredients, dog-friendly mini heart cakes and cookies will make your pet fall head over paws. SheKnows food expert Claire Gallam offers in-love dog owners recipes for 10 mini heart cakes and five dozen heart-shaped biscuits. Get even fancier by sweetening the cakes with frosting made from low-fat cream cheese and cinnamon. Drizzle melted peanut butter on top or sprinkle shredded carrots for an extra delicious flare. If you’re really feeling the love, wrap up a few dog treats with a sweet Valentine’s Day message, and pass out the goody bags at the dog park or give them to your dog-loving family, friends or co-workers.

Doggy Day Date

This Valentine’s Day, make it a daylong doggy date. Start the day off with a morning walk that’s a bit longer than usual. Stroll down unknown streets and discover new paths. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, have an outdoor picnic in your backyard or at the park. Treat your pooch to a little bit of dog-approved food like cooked chicken, cottage cheese, yogurt, green beans or apple slices. Then, it’s time to snuggle up for an afternoon snooze. Now that you both got some rest, head back out to the neighborhood dog park for yappy hour. Play fetch and make new friends. As the sun sets, move on to the dog-friendly local pub for some patio drinks and a barkin’ good time.

Puppy Presents

Valentine’s Day is about treating your loved one to a special day and showering your pet with cuddles, kisses and, of course, presents. First you need flowers and wine to set the mood. Get into the traditional Valentine’s Day spirit with a beautiful bouquet of romantic red roses (because no Valentine’s Day celebration is complete without a gorgeous floral display). Next, enjoy a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay from Napa Valley’s first dog winery, Frenchie Winery, where dogs are welcome to experience the lap of luxury. Now, it’s time to spoil your pup with toys and treats. Bring your furry friend to the pet store and let him or her sniff out a special toy or treat. Or, you can make your own basket of goodies including a rubber chew toy, tug rope, stuffed animal, rawhide and jerky.

Adopt a Dog

Is Valentine’s Day just another sore reminder of your single status? Make a memory this Valentine’s Day and adopt a dog who will love you forever and never break your heart. A Golden Retriever, for instance, will be your sweet and loyal companion. Huskies have an extraordinary beauty and will keep you active. Or, if you’re looking for a smaller breed, pugs are lovable, playful pups with a special charm. Boston Terriers have a lively and affectionate nature. And, of course, it’s easy to fall in love with a French Bulldog, a breed known for its humorous, loving and easygoing personality.

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