Beautiful Hardwood floors even when you have a dog
According to HGTV, the number one request from both homeowners and tenants when looking for a home is hardwood floors. They typically hold their value and are considered both durable and timeless. While the cost of hardwood floors can make the investment a bit of a stretch for some, the return on investment generally makes it worthwhile. But the cost comes with a responsibility to protect your investment. Learning how to protect your hardwood floors is key in protecting your investment and keeping your home looking great.

The type of hardwood flooring you have can determine how to protect and treat it, but there are some universal tips for caring for your floors to keep them looking amazing. Here are four ways to do just that:

Keep It Clean

Grit, sand and dirt readily stick to your feet or your dog’s paws and ultimately create a sandpaper effect. The more dirt that comes in your house and gets stuck in your hardwood floor’s grooves, the more damage you can do to your floors.

Add some decorative floor mats and rugs to catch dirt before it gets stuck to your flooring. Next, steer clear of harsh chemicals or wax-based products. Instead, plain soap and water can go a long way in cleaning up your floors. Otherwise use a floor cleaner specifically designed for the type of flooring you have. For example, use a microfiber cloth for laminate flooring with some Hardwood & Laminate Cleaner by Mohawk and avoid water as much as possible.

Use the Right Finish

As floors dull and fade, their finish can also get worn down. A quality finish that matches your flooring can help your floors look great and protect them at the same time. If your hardwood floors already have scratches and damage from dog paws, you may need to sand out the damage. Use a fine grain and sand in the direction of the wood’s grain. Some mineral oil may clean up the fine powder left behind, or you may need a new finish to put over your floors.

A water- or oil-based finish can help protect your wood floors. Choose a water-based finish that works well for exotic woods and helps the natural color of your wood come through. Meanwhile, an oil-based finish can enhance the color of walnut and red birch.

Avoid Chemicals

You’re probably already aware that harsh chemicals and cleaners can destroy your wood floors, but using other chemicals near your wood floors can also dull their finish and cause damage. Pet products like flea sprays, deodorizers and other household cleaners are all capable of damaging hardwood floors. Use chemicals and products outdoors whenever possible, or place a soft sheet on the floor.

Ban Rough Shoes and Paws

Prevent damage to your hardwood floors by banning the very things that cause the most damage. Let people know in advance if you prefer they remove shoes when entering your home so they know how to plan accordingly. Place socks or slippers at your doors for any guests wearing heels or hard-soled shoes when visiting. Meanwhile, keep your dog’s nails trimmed to prevent additional wear and tear on your floors.





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