Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!  I love to decorate for Halloween and even though my dogs don’t appreciate dressing up, I still like to look at the Halloween costumes!  Look at some of the cute costumes I found for this year:

Dog Dinosaur Costume

Dinosaur Costume!


Dinosaur CostumeIf you are looking for scary, this is the costume for you!  Fido will look like he stepped right out of the Jurassic period in this dinosaur costume!  How cool is that!


Peacock Halloween Costume for pets

Peacock Costume!


Peacock Costume:  Look at this cute peacock costume!  Isn’t it adorable!


Halloween Giraffe Costume for your Dog

Giraffe Costume


Giraffe Costume:  OMG!  Look at this cute little giraffe costume!  How fun is that!


Star Wars Yoda Halloween Costume for Dogs

Star Wars Yoda Costume!


Star Wars Yoda Costume:  Who doesn’t like Star Wars?  And look at this cute Yoda costume!  Dress your pooch up as the wise Jedi master and everyone will talk about how cute he is!


Dress Your Dog in a Zelda Costume

Zelda Punk Dog Pet Costume!


Zelda Punk Dog Pet Costume:  Can you imagine your dog dressed up in this Zelda costume!  He would be rockin’ it for sure!


These are just a few of the costumes we found.  You can check out more here.  Happy costume hunting and come back for more awesome costumes! We will be posting more!


Pet Costumes

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