I love my doggies with all my heart and when Ash started putting on weight, I knew there was a problem.  I put her on a dog diet and after many months of feeling like I was starving the pup, she is like a new dog!  It’s amazing what losing those extra pounds will do for our furry friends.  I didn’t realize what my overweight dog was losing out on, until she wasn’t overweight anymore.  Instead of laying around doing nothing all of the time, she is now running around everywhere playing with the other dogs!  It’s like she is a new dog and I’m so happy for her!  As pet parents, we fail to realize that when our pets are overweight, their quality of life and their relationship with our families are affected.  The extra weight can reduce their play time, can impact their mobility and can affect their lifelong general health.  It’s important as pet parents, that we keep our pets at a healthy weight.

Overweight dog
I wish Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Canine Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution had been on the market when I started Ash on her dog diet.  I think it would have been a lot easier and healthier for her.  It’s amazing the changes we have seen in her since she has lost the extra pounds.

Dog Diet

Before she lost the weight, you would have never caught her playing with another dog. All she did was lay around and sleep!

Even though our Ash wasn’t near as overweight as Bear (the dog in the video below) we can kind of relate.  Bear couldn’t get around anymore and it was so bad that his parents were thinking he was going to have to be euthanized.  His life had been reduced to living on a tarp and being cleaned up after by his parents.  His parents even had to carry him into the vet on that tarp.  Luckily, the vet suggested they try Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Canine Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution and the weight started coming off.  Bear was a new dog!  Please watch Bear’s video below!

Bear is not alone.  Take a look at Gracie.  She was surrendered at a shelter weighing 78.7 pounds and now weighs 45.3 pounds.  She lost 26.2 pounds and 19.7% body weight over 17 weeks.  You can tell that Gracie feels much better by just looking at her “before” and “after” pictures and best of all, she has found a forever home!

Dog Diet
And take a look at Romeo, a 9 year old, neutered Labrador Retriever.  He weighed 179.6 pounds when his parents started him on Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Canine Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution and look at him now!  After 75 days, he lost 19.8 pounds and 11 % body weight.  His owners bought another bag of Metabolic and are complaining that he has too much energy now!  All because of Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Canine Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution.  Take a look at Romeo’s “before” and “after” pictures!

Dog Diet
The reason Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution works so well is because while a dog or a cat is eating, their metabolism is changing to act more like that of a lean animal.  Even after they have lost weight, the highly efficient energy metabolism profile is maintained as witnessed by Romeo’s parents!  Hill’s®Prescription Diet®Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution provides clinically proven nutrition that naturally activates metabolism to burn calories and regulate appetite.  This product line includes wet food, dry food, and treats, which will help you feel like you aren’t depriving your pet while he is on a diet.

If your pet is overweight, Hill’s®Prescription Diet®Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution might just be the solution!  Metabolic is an easy way to help your pet lose weight and keep the weight off over time.  You can expect to see a leaner, healthier, happier pet in 60 days.  Your pet doesn’t have to have a severe weight problem to lose weight with Metabolic.  So what are you waiting for?  Start helping your pet shed those pounds and you will feel like Bear’s dad!  Bear’s dad said he felt like he gained a friend when Bear lost all those pounds.  When our pets feel good, it’s like getting our old friend back!

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