For humans, holistic or alternative medicine is something that grew naturally from Eastern practices, mainly in China, and that have been developing for more than 2,000 years. Within this timeframe, science also advanced and many of these practices that were once questioned as quackery or at best questionable, have now been validated due to our ability to use technology in the discovery process. There is a growing trend among pet owners to practice the same holistic approaches to medicine with their beloved pets as they use with two-legged members of their families and the results can be pretty amazing.

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By this point in time little needs to be said about the practice of acupuncture but in the 1960s when the current focus on this Eastern medicinal art took hold in the West, it was a very different story. In the beginning, all those little tiny needles being literally stuck into your body at very precise locations did seem like a bit of quackery, even though it is a standard medical practice in the East, again predominantly in Asia. The benefits of acupuncture have been so widely accepted that a growing number of veterinarians are now using acupuncture on household pets for a huge number of illnesses and conditions. Even a decade ago this may have seemed like something out of fantasy, but vets are getting results and pet owners are loving it.

Herbal Treatments Shared with Their Humans

Every dog should have his or her own human to share things with and this goes for herbal remedies as well. One little known herbal remedy makes extensive use of elk velvet antler, which is high in a number of nutrients such as:

  • Minerals
  • Individual amino acids and whole proteins
  • Growth Factor-1

If you are not familiar with Growth Factor-1, it is structurally similar to insulin and is actually a protein hormone used widely in humans for growth in children and strong development of bones, especially in cases of rickets. Herbal remedies like the pet variety, Wapiti Labs Elk Velvet Antler Supplements, are often used to promote brain function and learning in human children, especially in the treatment of mental retardation. Dog owners use these supplements on young, growing pups and for older dogs that have developed joint issues with age as well as throughout the dog’s life to promote and maintain strong bones and joints.

From massage to laser therapy, there are a number of integrative holistic approaches to veterinary medicine that are becoming more commonplace as research is advanced. Those pet owners who prefer a holistic and natural approach to pet care have options never before available to pets but widely used by humans for decades. Why treat your fur babies any differently than your human family members? Most pet owners believe that pets are truly part of the family and so it should carry over into prevention and veterinary care. For the love of your animals, natural alternatives should always be considered.


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