My name is Lisa and I have four very special dogs.  I am continuously trying to learn more about taking care of my dogs.

In 2008, my yellow Lab, Summer was diagnosed with liver cancer.  I read every article I could find about dogs and liver cancer.    I experimented with making  dog food from scratch to giving her vitamins and herbs.  Along with the home remedies, Summer also had chemo.  We prolonged her life as long as humanely possible with the chemo and the home remedies.  I learned so much about taking care of a dog with cancer and I am now trying to learn more about taking care of my arthritic dog.  I have a black Lab named Shiloh that is 14 years old and has arthritis.  I have been researching arthritis in older dogs trying to find ways for Shiloh to get around easier and be more comfortable.


Labs and a Chessie

From left to right: Shiloh, Scout, Teddy, Summer

My other three dogs are healthy and happy!  Scout is a white Lab, Ash is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and Teddy is part Lab, part Great Dane (we think!). Scout is a big, blockhead Lab.  He is beautiful and is the best dog ever!  Ash is the smallest of my four dogs and has the sweetest personality.  She just loves attention and her most favorite spot is laying on anybody’s chest.  It doesn’t matter who you are, she either wants to lay on your chest or sit in your lap.  Teddy is a little different!  He was rescued from an oil field when he was a couple of weeks old.  It was the middle of the summer and it had been anywhere from 100 degrees to 105 degrees during those days that he was trying to survive.  We think the heat might have had something to do with the way he acts today.  He is very timid and scared of anybody and anything.  Once he figures out that you are okay he is awesome!  He is a very big dog and he will climb up in your lap if you will let him.  He thinks he is a lot littler than he really is!


Chesapeake Bay Retriever Puppy

Ash When She Was A Puppy


Our Dog all grownup

Ash–All Grownup!


As I research and find ways to make my dog’s lives better, I will share them on my site.  I am not an expert on dogs, but just a person trying to learn all that I can so I can take better care of my dogs.  I hope you enjoy my site!