Our dogs are an integral part of our lives. They are our furry family members and we love spending time with them. When we have to leave the house, partake in our hobbies and outdoor activities, we are not able to bring our pets. You may not realize it, but there are ways you can take your dog on an adventure.

Take Your Canine With You

Go Cycling

Cargo bikes, or extended frame bikes, are designed with longer frames to allow cyclists to transport cargo. Bakfiets are transport bikes with extended frames. They have plywood boxes which make them perfect for carrying small children, or yes, your dog. You can add dog beds or padding in the box to make it more comfortable. The frames allow for spacious transport.

Attach a trailer to your bike and let Fido ride behind you. They are sold online and where you can buy most bikes. This is an easy way to get your dog around without investing in an entirely new bike. The bike trailer is detachable so you can take it off when you want to go alone without your dog whenever you need.

Go Hiking

If you are an avid hiker, you can bring your dog with you. There are tools and products you can bring to keep your dog safe on any trail.

Worried about a rough terrain hurting your dog’s paws? Try dog booties, they will help protect the paw pads from cold, wet, rainy weather and heat alike. You won’t have to worry about your pup getting cut up on a jagged trail, either.

Get a hydration backpack. You can make the backpack as heavy or as light as your pup can handle. Transport water in the pack to keep your dog hydrated and moving on the trail. Most packs include dividers so you can keep items separate in the pack as well as collapsible water and food dishes. They also have spots for you to insert a cooling ice pack to keep water and your dog cool in hot climates.

Go Motorcycling

Revamp your bike with a sidecar. Riders all over the country are adding sidecars to their bikes to take their pups along with them. It is a sturdy, stable way to transport your dog without straining your bike or throwing it off balance.

Buy a custom leather from Beast Rider. This dog-friendly company produces custom leather motorcycle seats for dogs. You strap the seat onto the back of your bike so your pup can ride comfortably behind you. It’s a fashionable way to get your dog around on your motorcycle. Your pooch can ride in comfort and style.

If you take your pup out, you will want to make sure your machine is in good running order, so you don’t get into an accident with your furry friend. And, upgrade your safety gear and accessories to ensure that you enjoy your ride as much as your dog will. The online retailer BikeBandit is a wonderful resource for all things moto. You can find the parts you need as well as cool accessories for your next ride.

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