Senior Dogs

Most people think that one dog year is the same as seven human years.  Even though this can be used as a rough guide, it is misleading when calculating younger dogs and older dogs.  It is also misleading when calculating small dogs and big dogs.  Small dogs usually out live bigger dogs.  I have included the calculator below for a more accurate way to calculate your dog’s age.


The dog calculator above is not exactly accurate but takes a middle-ground approach.  There are too many factors to add in and therefore it is impossible to have an exact dog age calculator.  Factors that have to be considered when figuring a dog’s age are size, breed, and age of the dog.

The longest living dog was 29 years and 160 days.  The dog’s name was Bluey and it was an Australian Cattle Dog that lived in Australia.  The next oldest dog was a Labrador form the United Kingdom.  She lived 28 years and 252 days.  Several dogs have been reported to have lived anywhere from 20 to 28 years.

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