Helen Keller brought the very first Akita to America from Japan in 1937.  In Japan, if you were sick or having a baby you wouldn’t get flowers–you would get a tiny Akita statue!  This statue symbolizes health, happiness and long life.  Akitas were so well-regarded in ancient Japan that only the ruling class were allowed to own them.  They were treated like royalty!  They got fancy collars and the finest cuisine the Royals had to offer.


  • Incredibly beautiful
  •  Tough
  • Athletic
  • Determined
  • Loyal
  • Very territorial
  • Very protective
  • Very strong
  • Known to be a quiet dog
  • Strong guarding instincts
  • Temperament can range from calm to bouncy and aggressive
  • Will groom itself like a cat, but still needs daily brushing
  • Needs daily exercise

Akita Dog Breed
Akitas are one of the most primitive dogs on the planet.  They are very closely linked to the wolf.

Akitas are built for rugged trecking and polar environments.  It’s long legs and buff muscles allow this breed to climb steep mountains in deep snow.

Akitas are members of the Spitz or Nordic dog family.  They are known for fluffy, tightly curled tails, fully-pricked ears, and their plush double-coat.  Their double coat consists of a coarse weather proof outer layer and a dense, woolly, soft under-coat.  In America, Akitas come in most colors and in three coat patterns.  Their coat patterns can be solid, a tiger striped pattern called brindle, and pinto which is mostly white with sharply defined patches.

The Akita breed faced extinction in World War II.  They were killed for their pelts which lined the coats of Japanese soldiers.

About the Akita:

  • Not a good dog for apartments or condos
  • They have the usual large breed problems such as bloat and dysplasia
  • Intense shedders so will need to be groomed quite often
  • They are trainable if you start training them when they are young
  • They are a good pet if trained

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