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Can you believe Diesel has gotten this big?  It seems like just yesterday that hu bro and mommy brought him home from the Edmond Animal Shelter.  He has gotten so big and has grown into such a good boy!  He has been so much fun to have around and we wish he could come visit more often! 

If you are thinking about getting a new pet, you should check out your local animal shelter.  There are so many dogs and cats that are looking for forever homes.  It will make you feel so good to know that you are saving the lives of two pets, the one that you adopt and the one that the shelter can now take in because they have a spot for them. 

Just look at what a handsome boy he has become!  We think he is one big goober and we love him lots!

Dog Grows Up


Mommy has been a little sick and that’s why we haven’t been able to visit your blogs.  She had gall bladder surgery and while she is feeling better, she still isn’t 100%.  She had a great big gall stone that had to be remove.  Sucks for mommy!  Hopefully, we will be back to making our rounds soon!

If you are looking for items to buy your pet for Christmas, don’t forget to check out our Dogs N Pawz Pet Store!  We have a special deal going on where you can get $15 OFF your purchase of $49 or more.  Use the code WINTER15 at checkout to buy toys, treats and pet food!  Happy Shopping!

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