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This year, many people will get new puppies for Christmas. The old saying goes, “a dog is not just for Christmas; a dog is for life.” If you are getting a brand new pet from Santa, you need to make sure that you are ready to look after it. Dogs take a lot of care and affection. They need attention from you, or they will become angry and fear humans. Adopting a puppy is a huge deal. If you think that a dog would be an ideal addition to your family, read on. Here is an essential guide to introducing a new dog to your home this Christmas.

Make sure that a new dog is right for your family

You need to make sure that getting a dog is the right move for you and your family. If you all have busy lifestyles and restraints, you might find it difficult to give your dog the care it needs. Talk to your partner about who will look after your dog and how much time you can devote to it.

Prepare your home

If this pet is your first dog, you need to dog-proof your home. You need to make sure that your house is safe for your new arrival before you get a puppy. Small puppies tend to chew on everything. If you have any wires around your home, you might find that your puppy chews them all the time. The problem with that is that your puppy could ruin your electronics or, worse, it could injure itself. The best thing you can do is cover up any exposed wires so that your dog can’t get to them.

Make sure your dog is calm and comfortable

When you bring a new dog home, you need to make sure that it is comfortable. When you first bring a dog into your house, you should hold it close to your chest so that it can hear your heartbeat. That should help to keep your dog calm as it has something on which to focus. You should ensure that you talk calmly and slowly to your dog when it is new in your home. Stroke your dog a little and let it see that you are friendly.

Introduce him or her to your other pets

If you have other pets, it is vital that you introduce your new dog to them right away. Your dog will be able to smell other animals when it comes into your home. In the animal world, smells and scents mark territory. If your new puppy can smell other animals, it will feel as though it’s invading another animal’s territory. That is likely to scare your new dog, and it may even begin to cry. Try to calm your new dog down. Introduce your new puppy to any other pets you have. Make sure that you watch how your pets react to your dog.

Start behavioral training straight away

Behavioral training is an efficient system for young dogs, but it only works if you start right away. Make sure that you read a few training guides online before you get your new dog. That way, you will know how to start implementing rules for your new pet from the moment you have it. By nature, dogs are highly susceptible to positive and negative reinforcement. That means that you need to reward your dog when it does something good, and punish it when it does something bad. If you fail to train your dog, it will be naughty, and you will have real problems.

Make a bit of space for your dog

It is always important that your dog has its space in your home. Young puppies need to sleep all the time. If your dog doesn’t have anywhere that it feels safe, it will not be able to sleep when it needs to. You need to make sure that you create a safe space for your dog in your home. Make a little dog bed, with cushions and blankets, so that your dog has somewhere cozy to sleep. Dogs are territorial animals. They need a space that they can call home. By making a special place for your dog, you will ensure that it is comfortable.

Litter train your new pet

Litter training can be an absolute nightmare when you have a young puppy. Many people wonder how to toilet train a puppy effectively, and the truth is it can be hard. The best way to start training your dog to use the outside or a litter tray is to use treats to help it understand. When it looks as though it needs to go to the toilet, you should put it outside. If your dog uses your garden as a toilet, you need to reward it for doing so.

Give your dog some space

There is a temptation to spend every second of the day petting and cuddling your new puppy. Puppies are adorable, and so it is only natural that you would want to play with it all the time. The problem is that constant attention can be exhausting for a young dog. Dogs are just like humans; they need their space. If you overcrowd your puppy all the time, it will never settle in your home. Your dog needs attention from you, but make sure that you give it breaks as well. That way, your puppy can relax in your home.

Include your dog in family activities

When you do things as a family, it is important to include your dog. After all, your dog is just an extra member of your family. An easy way to help your puppy settle into its new environment is to treat him the same as everybody else. For example, when you eat, you should put down some dog food for him. That way, he will eat at the same time as the rest of the family. When you go on a family outing, you should try and take your puppy along with you if you can. Making your puppy feel at home with you is tricky, but worthwhile.

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