Paws for Peace Kennel at Harbor House will be opening soon.  It is currently under construction and is expected to be completed by October 3rd.  You may be asking yourself, “What is a Paws for Peace Kennel?”  It is a shelter that will house pets that are victims of their owner’s domestic violence disputes.  This shelter will be opening in Central Florida and it is the only shelter of it’s kind in Florida.  There are only a few animal shelters designed for this purpose across the United States.

Why a Paws Kennel?

  • 97% of Americans who have pets consider them to be members of the family.
  • 48% of domestic violence survivors delay leaving an abusive home because they don’t have a safe place for their pets.
  • Pet abuse is often a retaliatory action of abusers.  Animals are used as leverage by the batterer as a means to control their victims or as part of a pre-emptive strike to gain or maintain control.
  • According to the American Animal Hospital Association, an estimated 88% of pets living in households with domestic violence are either abused or killed.
  • Of all survivors who enter shelters to escape violence, 57% have had a pet killed by their abuser.
  • Pets are not Pawns!

The Paws for Peace Kennel in Central Florida will have a visiting veterinarian from Orange County Animal Services that will tend to the pets’ health needs.  There will be volunteers that will help with Kennel maintenance and Science Diet has volunteered to supply pet food to the Paws Kennel for the first year after they open.  They will have a vet clinic, wash and dry area, 10 kennels for dogs and 10 for cats and spaces for other pets, such as ferrets, birds, hamsters and small game animals.  They will also offer foster programs with local farms for larger game animals.  There will also be a cat porch that will have kitty condos and toys along with three separate dog runs and shared open space.

When families have to leave their homes because of domestic violence they are often forced to leave their pets behind.  Thanks to the kennel at Harbor House there will now be a place where pets are also welcome.  They will no longer have to go through the effects of domestic violence.

This is a great idea and there should be more of these in the United States along with places to take your pet when there is a disaster such as tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, etc.  Too many times we hear of people that won’t leave their pet and both their pet and owner end up not surviving a disaster.  So often it is forgotten that most of these pets are just like a child to their owners and they would do anything to protect them.  It’s time to take a stand and demand help for pets too.  The Paws for Peace Kennel is a great idea.  Hopefully, it will be a beginning to more new and wonderful things opening up to help pets of all kinds!

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