We just let Rafflecopter pick our 3rd Unbreakoball Winner!  And the winner is……Linda Szymoniak!  Congratulations Linda!  We hope your doggies like their new toy!

Durable Dog Toys

We have one more Unbreakoball to giveaway!  Good Luck to all of you that enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Not only do we have a giveaway going on, but there are a few things that we thought we would mention.  We were so excited to receive a couple of awards and we wanted to mention them in this post.  Later on in the week, we will do all that fun stuff that you are suppose to do with awards!  We are humbled to receive the Sunshine Award from the Huskies from over at Love Is Being Owned By a Husky and the Best Blog Around The World Award from Barking from the Bayou!  It has taken mommy awhile to get to these awards but she promised us she would take care of it this week!  Thanks for passing them on to us.  You guys are the best!

There are a couple of reasons mommy has been a little slow about getting to the awards.  The biggest reason is because she kind of messed up our blog and she has been trying to fix it since January.  If you didn’t read about it in another post, mommy got our blog google-slapped.  That really sucks!  She has spent countless hours going through posts trying to fix links.  If you are wondering what we mean by fix links, she had to change a lot of the links to no-follow links.  She had gone through 500 posts when she finally emailed google and asked them to revisit the problem.  At about that same time that mommy got the blog google-slapped, she was messing around with the permalinks settings and screwed that up.  So she had to change all of her links to the new permalinks because she couldn’t get the permalink setting to change back.  Now mommy has figured out that instead of changing the links she should have redirected them, because when she changed them, she lost all of her link juice.  It is all so confusing and now mommy is having to go through all of her posts and redirect her links.  OMD…do you know how much time that is taking?  So if you are wondering why we haven’t visited your blogs lately, it’s cause mommy is frantically trying to fix our blog.  We sure hope she gets it fixed real soon.  This has been quite the experience, so if you ever get google-slapped…come visit us!  We might be able to save you some time, headaches and trouble before you mess up your blog like mommy messed up our blog!

Have a great weekend! 

Don’t forget to check out our pet store below!  There’s a lot of good stuff in there!

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