Oh my!  Our little Ash is growing up!  From this:


Chesapeake Bay Retriever Puppy

Ash When She Was A Puppy

To this:

Chessie Dog

Big Ash!


Teddy and I are so proud of our Ash!  She has a date to the Valentine’s Day Ball!  Seeing as how we are really good big brothers and we try really hard to take care of our little sis, we are really happy that she got a date…even if we didn’t 🙁   But you knows, in order for her to go to the ball, Teddy and I had to approve of her date!  So we popped on over to Ash’s date’s blog (whew that was a mouthful!) and read about him.  We decided that he was going to be an awesome date for Ash!  This guy is a first class gentleman!  You have to go over and check him out cause he is quite debonair (VBP) in his Downton Abbey togs (VBP)!  Did we give it away yet?  If you haven’t guessed, Ash’s date is Grady from over at The Grady Report!  He is one special guy!
Valentines Day Ball for Pets

So…Teddy and I have been thinkin’…our Ash isn’t really the girly girl type so we are going to have to give her some dating advice!  Ash…please pay close attention!  First of all, we must exhort (VBP) you to be at your very best.  We ask ourselves, just exactly what does that mean?  Well, for starters, you should say please, thank you, you’re welcome and excuse me when appropriate.  Don’t interrupt when being talked to…that is very annoying to say the least!

Dogs and Manners
Next, don’t roll in the grass right before mom helps you get dressed.  Once you have taken a bath you will smell really good and that isn’t the time to go roll in the grass and eat dog poop!  There is a reason you are getting a bath…it’s cause you are dirty and you need to get cleaned up before you go out!  Doh!  Hey, we have a good idea!  We think mom should paint your toenails!  Ewwwe…wouldn’t that be pretty!

There is going to be lots of good food at the Ball so remember not to chew with your mouth open.  That is so gross to see another dog’s food in their mouth while they are chewing.  Don’t be pushy while you are getting your snacks.  Teddy and I both know how pushy you can be when you want something!  And we also know how protective you are with your food.  Just sayin’… don’t be so pushy and act like you are never fed!  You MUST be on your best behavior at ALL times!


Llyn Hunter Bobcat Publishing (Flickr.com)

While you and Grady are dancing, it is only right that you let him lead!  And be careful not to step on his feet!

When Grady brings you home, tell him what a good time you had!  You can let him give you a goodnight kiss, only if it is a short peck on the cheek or the lips.  After all Ash, this is the first date and we don’t want him to think you are easy or something!  We want him to call again cause we know we are going to really like him!

I’m sure Teddy and I probably left some things out but if you at least follow these suggestions things should go smoothly!  We can’t wait to see you in your Valentine’s Day dress!  We just know you are going to be really pretty!  By the way…aren’t we good big brothers!  Doh!



We are participating in the VBP Blog Hop!  We learned some new words today!  Thanks to our friends Jet, Savannah and Texas for hosting the hop!

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