When you stop and think about it, being a pet owner is not entirely unlike being a parent. As is the case when you have kids, when you travel, you are responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of your furry friends, whether or not you take them along for the excursion. To that end we are pleased to present a splendid selection of the best apps for pet owners on the go.

Keep an eye on your pet when you’re away from home

Wondering what Fido is up to while you’re on vacation, at the office or otherwise occupied away from home? Petzi offers an easy way to check in on your schnauzer, Irish setter or spaniel from anywhere that has an internet connection. Recommended by Condé Nast Traveler magazine, Petzi is more than a wall mounted camera that is installed at your pet’s eye level– this remarkable little high-tech device can also deliver a Scooby Snack or other pet treat to your stay-at-home animal companion. The whole-room camera angle allows pet owners to watch their canine companion snarf up a doggie delight in real time. A video or still image capture feature gives pet owners an easy way to indicate an at-home social media status even when they are miles away from their residence.

Dog Mischief


Another travel app recommended for traveling pet owners is the Feed & Go. This WiFi connected feeding device allows easy feeding of up to six doggie dinners from any internet-enabled remote location. If you desire audio with video of your pet, the Furbo has it all. The two-way audio feature provides the perfect way to soothe your lonesome stay-at-home pet with the sound of their favorite human’s voice.

Weather app that helps you plan a trip with your favorite fur babies

It’s easy to gaze out a window and note current meteorological conditions. What’s not so simple is predicting the weather at a remote location to which you intend to travel with a companion animal. At least it wasn’t such an easy task before the advent of instantaneous weather reporting ads such as the weather app by Apalon Apps. Rated E for everyone, this four-star rated phone and device app gives pet owners an ideal tool for planning a local, regional or global holiday. Of course, the weather app from Apalon can be used for more than travel. Obtain a seven-day forecast for any location with a few easy finger taps.

Amazing apps for on-the-go pets and their owners

Proud Dog Mom magazine suggests an app for pet owners who wish to book pet-friendly hotels for their next vacation. BringFido is currently available in iOS format but an android version should be on shelves soon.

Whether you intend a staycation in town or are planning a global voyage with your canine companion, the apps mentioned above are sure to increase your fun as well as your and your pet’s peace of mind.


Charlie Holmes has worked in the travel industry for years, spending 5 of those out in Asia before returning home to the States.

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