More places than ever welcome your four-footed friends.

The National Park Service permits leashed dogs on certain trails at many parks including the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Zion, and dogs are also welcome at many campgrounds, including Big Sur, Everglades and Glacier. Entire motel chains set aside pet-friendly rooms, and more restaurants and cafes accommodate outdoor seatings for guests with dogs.

Because you can take them everywhere, you need to make sure they are safe and healthy enough to join you. Here are just a few suggestions.

Track Your Dog's Movements

Track Your Dogs’ Movements

Lots of owners chip their pets to help locate them if they get separated, but this technology only works if the pet ends up in the hands of authorities that can read the chip. According to VetStreet, only about 15 percent of lost dogs are found this way. A chip isn’t going to help find a dog lost in a 24,000-acre park, like Cumberland Gap in Kentucky.

Since dogs can’t follow maps or use cellphones, we have to deal with specially equipped collars, tags and harnesses to track their whereabouts. These tracking technologies run on GPS, including the newer Wide Area Augmentation System GPS, which narrows down a dog’s location.

Many of these smart collars work with smartphones and send texts to owners alerting them about their dogs’ whereabouts. Some, such as Garmin and Loc8tor, use roaming SIM technology. Another, Spotlight 2.0, works specifically in the T-Mobile zone. If you’re planning to be out in the wilderness and away from charging devices, get an advanced phone with a long-lasting battery. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge battery has 13 standby days and GPS technology built into it.

Monitor Your Dogs’ Fitness and Health

Do your dogs play a role in your fitness routine? Do they accompany you on daily walks or runs and weekend hikes? Give them a FitBark to record their progress. The FitBark Activity Monitor is like a health diary for your dog. It’s a cute little bone-shaped device you clip to your dogs’ collars or harnesses to record their activity levels throughout the day. You then access the data through its companion app. You also can add information from vet visits, observations from trips and eating and drinking.

FitBark is useful for monitoring your pets’ health and gaining insights to their behavior. A dog that sleeps too much when alone at home is probably bored. Adopt a buddy for him or her, or get a Jitter Critter to watch their activity level rise. FitBark also can keep you accountable for making sure your dogs get enough exercise.

Record Your Dogs’ Skills

If you’re training your dogs for competition — shows, sports or skills like herding sheep or running obstacle courses — consider GoProFetch, a tiny GoPro camera that fits on a specially-designed harness. You can control the camera with your smartphone. It’s a great tool to see how things work from your dog’s point of view. This is also a great way to post cute and unique photos on social media.

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