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When mommy and daddy scheduled Ash to be spayed, they didn’t realize they scheduled it to be done on World Spay Day!  World Spay Day is on the last Tuesday in February and that just happened to be when Ash was spayed!  Did you know that last Tuesday was the 20th World Spay Day? Pretty cool, huh?   The next World Spay Day will be Tuesday, February 24, 2015.  February is Spay/Neuter Awareness Month and World Spay Day events are held throughout the month of February.

Mommy and daddy didn’t schedule Ash to be spayed on Tuesday because it was World Spay Day, they scheduled it because that was the only day of the week that our vet does spay and neuters.  Daddy said it had to be done because we couldn’t tolerate another Ash in heat month.  We have been wanting to get Ash spayed for a long time but our vet was hesitant to spay her.  You see, she was a little a lot overweight.  He was hesitant because he said that when they are fat like that, their insides get greasy and it is hard to hold on to whatever it is that he has to hold onto in there.  Those aren’t his exact words but hopefully you get the drift!  He didn’t want to spay her because he knows how much mommy loves us and he was afraid that there could be complications.  You see, our vet is an old family friend and I think he was afraid that if something happened to Ash, mommy might be upset with him for a very long time.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Ash and her tennis ball! She loves those tennis balls!

Mommy has had Ash on a diet for quite awhile now and she has lost some weight.  Actually, she has lost quite a bit of weight but she still needs to lose a few more pounds.  Our vet decided he would go ahead with spaying her because she had lost some pounds and because daddy was so insistent that he spay her.  He finally agreed to do it after he warned mommy of the complications.

Daddy was so insistent that Ash was going to be spayed no matter what because the last heat she had was the worst.  She was putting out an odor that was terrible.  She was a very stinky dog and mommy and daddy were tired of trying to keep me away from Ash.  I’m not neutered and before some of you say that I need to be neutered…well, I don’t agree because I want to be manly!  That’s not the reason I’m not neutered though!  Mommy and daddy got me when I was older and my previous owners didn’t have me neutered.  Since I am almost 12 years old, our vet says we shouldn’t neuter me unless we absolutely have to.  Yep, I’m okay with that!

Chessie playing catch

Ash playing catch. She would play catch all day if you would let her!

Anyway, back to Ash…Mommy and human bro took her and me in Tuesday morning.  I had to have that stinky cough looked at again.  Yes, I still have that cough from way back when.  Mommy has been worried that it might be congestive heart failure but our vet doesn’t think so.  He gave me more medicine and if I’m not better in three weeks, back to the doggie doctor I go.  Ash’s surgery went well and all of mom’s worries were for naught.

Ash is feeling much better this morning, after sleeping all day yesterday.  She even got to sleep with mommy and daddy last night.  She is going to be spoiled rotten by the time this is over with!

Chessie and her Tennis Ball

She loves her tennis balls.

It is a good thing that Ash was fixed because now she can hang out with us boys all the time and she doesn’t have to wear that silly looking diaper.  Ash really didn’t like wearing that diaper and she let mommy know it.  Mommy would put the diaper on Ash and the next thing mommy knew, Ash would be going out the doggy door and she would potty in the diaper.  Mommy would get so frustrated with Ash!

We totally believe in spaying or neutering your pets, we’ve just had a few hurdles to cross before Ash could be spayed.  It is so important to spay and neuter because it helps reduce the number of unwanted births and we all know how important that is.  Just take a look at your local animal shelter to see why it is important to spay and neuter.

All pictures were taken before Ash was spayed because she can’t play catch for a few more days!  Our vet says she needs to be careful for awhile longer!  We sure don’t want anything to happen to those stitches or to her!

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