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Do you know how miserable it is to not have internet, television or phone service?  Yesterday morning mommy and I were getting ready to write our Barks and Bytes post when the internet went down.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, the television went out and so did the phone.  We didn’t have service until late yesterday afternoon and since mommy tutors from 3 til 9 everyday, I didn’t get to write my post.  Oh yeah…yesterday mommy tutored until 10:15.  By the time she was finished, she said her brain was dead, so we are writing our post today.  This is kind of a Barks and Bytes and a Follow Up Friday post together!

Last week we received a package in the mail from Melissa from over at Barking from the Bayou and if you haven’t visited her blog yet, you really need to!  We won The Returns Awesome Prize package and we were so excited!  Take a look at all the goodies we received:

Dog Treats and Books
Us dogs were excited because we received treats in the mail but mommy was excited because she received Melissa’s books!  So when there wasn’t any internet or television yesterday, mommy sat down and read Melissa’s first book…The Returns.  Mommy says if you haven’t read it, you need to!  Mommy really liked it and can’t wait to start on the next book!  Melissa is a very talented writer, the book was an easy read and mommy liked it so much that she couldn’t put it down until she finished it!  You can get her books at amazon or you can click on our amazon link at the bottom of our post to check them out!

Great News!

The little Pit Mix that we featured on Tuesday’s Tails found a home!  We are so happy that Reese has a forever home to go to!  By the way, I thought I would remind everyone to join in the Tuesday’s Tails Blog Hop!  You can link up the whole week, so if you have something else going on on Tuesdays, link up on another day!

Adopt this Pittie Mix


And as if all that wasn’t enough to make it a great week, we received an award!  Yippee!  We love awards!  We just need to be better about posting about them.  We received the Best Blog Around The World Award from Melissa from over at Barking from the Bayou!


Don’t Forget to Submit Your Story!

Don’t forget to submit your story about a dog you rescued from an animal shelter, rescue or off the streets. All submissions are due by February 28th and a Kindle Book will be put together with the stories and pictures. 75% of the profits will go to animal shelters that you nominate and 25% will go to Paws For Life, Inc in Edmond, OK. Those that submit a story will get to nominate a shelter or a rescue.  I’m probably going to go with Sue’s idea from over at the Talking Dogs Blog and let random.org pick the animal shelter or rescue that will receive the profits. Come on guys, send us your story to be published! Go here to find out more details!  We have received a few stories, but not enough for a book, so PLEASE send us your stories!


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