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I’m excited to announce that we will be hosting an Unbreakoball giveaway tomorrow!  In fact, we will be hosting a giveaway for 4 Fridays in a row so if you don’t win one in tomorrow’s giveaway, you can try again the next Friday and the next Friday and well… you know what I mean!  Right!  Every dog wants an Unbreakoball, don’t you think?  So, mark it on your calendars and come back and enter tomorrow!

Win an Unbreakoball

We are still trying to round up rescue stories for our Kindle Book to help animal shelters.  We have several stories but not enough to make a book.  If you have a story, please send it and your pictures to dogsnpawz@yahoo.com!  Once the book has been finished, each person that writes a story can nominate their animal shelter or rescue to receive the profits from the book.  75% will go to two chosen shelters and 25% will go to Paws for Life in Edmond, Oklahoma.  Please help us with this project by submitting your rescue story!  We need at least 10 more stories to make the book something that people will want to buy.

Did you hear about the three elderly nuns that rescued an unwanted senior Pit Bull?  Remy was nine years old and was being passed over at the Hi Tor Animal Care Center in Pomona, New York.  Most thought he was un-adoptable until three nuns came into the animal care center looking for a dog to adopt.

The three sisters were Veronica Mendez, Virginia Johnson and Alice Goldsmith.  The three of them live together and had recently lost their dog.  Their dog, Kate, had crossed over the Rainbow Bridge due to cancer.  The three sisters wanted to save another life in honor of her memory. 

So they showed up at the Hi Tor Animal Care Center searching for the most unwanted dog and they found Remy.  “As soon as I saw the sign that read ‘9 years,’ I said, ‘This is the one,'”  Sister Veronica said.  “No one is going to want this one.”

When they were introduced to Remy, they knew it was a match made in heaven.  Remy will get to spend the rest of her years with the three sisters where she will be happy and loved. 

Not only did the sisters honor Kate’s memory but they saved a senior dog that probably didn’t have a chance of being adopted at all.  It’s important that we all remember that no senior dog should have to spend their final days alone.  Don’t drop them off at the animal shelter because they are old.  Love them and take care of them in their golden years like they loved you and took care of you in their younger years.

We think these three nuns are pawsome and we give them a 10 paws up!  Is there such a thing?  If not, now there is!


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