It has been really hard to write about my dogs lately, mainly because Scout is gone and he is the one that the blog was focused around.  Lots of reasons for that…but the main one, he would pose for pictures!  He was such a big, goofy, loveable guy and he loved attention! 

My other two dogs aren’t much for posing for the camera.  Teddy is scared of his shadow and runs every time I get the camera out and Ash just doesn’t move out of her favorite spot.  Her pictures would be kind of boring because they would be the same ‘ole picture every time!

Then there are the grand dogs.  Even though Bella is at the house quite a bit, it is while I’m at work so I don’t get many pictures of her.  And I can’t forget Diesel and Tess.  We don’t see them much because everyone is busy but our daughter-in-law does send us pictures every once in awhile.  Here are a couple that she sent so I thought I would share them!

A wise blogger once told me that if I was going back to work and didn’t have time to write, I should post pictures.  I think I will start doing just that!

Catahoola and Boxer
Cute Boxer Mix

Have a great weekend!




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