The providers to hedge the dog in the event of illness have quite different benefits. Most importantly, the scope of dog insurance is optimally adapted to your needs and that of your dog. In general, the insurance covers the following services:

– Diagnostics and treatment

– Medicines

– Operations

– Accommodation costs

The best pet insurance for dogs therefore, provides elementary protection in case of illness. But an accurate tariff comparison is important: because protection is not equal protection. Depending on the insurer, there are great differences in performance.

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The biggest deviations in the cost takeover are at the maximum performance limit and the waiting period until the dog insurance is reached. Some tariffs cover precautionary measures such as vaccinations and worm cures, while others also cover the cost of castration of your dog. While some insurers have an age restriction on entry, other pre-existing conditions of your dog are excluded when the health insurance is concluded. A comparison of the different insurance is worthwhile.

Is a dog health insurance for your dog useful in case of illness? This subject is also currently being discussed. Since the fees for treatment at the veterinarian have been increased by 12%, more and more dog owners are opting for health insurance for their dog. In case of an emergency, whether your dog is suffering from a disease or an accident, you will of course want to concentrate entirely on your four-legged animal and have the veterinarian do whatever is necessary to make your dog get well. You want the best for your pet.

In case of illness, dog insurance will make your dog a private patient who will receive the best possible treatment. This is why animal health insurance is gaining in importance. Because we want to give our dog a similarly good protection in the form of a health insurance as we enjoy it ourselves.

A cheaper alternative to dog health is the dog-surgical insurance. In case of an emergency, or in the case of a planned surgery, it will cover the operating costs. All veterinary procedures concerning the operation are reimbursed by the insurance company. This includes preventive examinations and follow-up treatment related to the OR.

Here are some providers of health insurance for your dog at a glance:

Agila insurance

The oldest company in the German insurance market in the field of animal health insurance is AGILA Petversicherung AG. As a pioneer in the field, AGILA today has the largest customer base with around 150,000 customers. The AGILA offers two tariff variants:

– Animal health protection

– Animal disease protection Exclusive

Allianz Insurance

The Primus on the German insurance market, Allianz, offers the Optimal tariff. It has a fixed self-participation of 20% – not the right choice for every dog owner.

Helvetia insurance

In 2007, Helvetia’s PetCare tariffs came on the market. The goal was to present an improved offer against AGILA. In fact, the offer differs in some respects. Helvetia reimburses the cost of castration and sterilization for your pet as well. In 2012, the risk-takers, Helvetia Insurance, completely changed pet insurance when distribution and pricing took over.  They also provide a dog-surgical insurance to.






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