grey Black and White Sunday: Plea For Help!

Please Help Babe!

I need your help.  Do any of you know a 501c rescue that would take a beautiful Weimaraner Mix?  The shelter says she is a Pit Mix but others say she is more Weimaraner and Great Dane.  She is gorgeous and she needs a home.  I have featured her on Tuesday’s Tails numerous times but she is still at the animal shelter.  She is scheduled to be euthanized tomorrow (Monday the 22nd) unless we can find a 501c rescue to take her.  Our shelter is a low kill shelter but they euthanized 4 dogs last week and Babe is on the list for this coming week.  Babe has been at the shelter for a very long time and everyone has fallen in love with her.  This would be a terrible thing to happen right before Christmas:(  

Even if it is a rescue that isn’t in Oklahoma, I think we could find a way to transport her.  Please, Please share and if you have any ideas for me please leave a comment.  Keep your fingers crossed for Babe in hopes that she makes it through tomorrow:(

I’m sorry to post such a downer on Black and White Sunday, but I didn’t know what else to do:( I’m trying everything right now just hoping for a miracle. Thanks for all your help!

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