Black dog syndrome is well known to shelter workers and rescue organizations.  Black dogs are harder to find homes for and are often overlooked by prospective pet owners.  They are usually the last dogs to find homes and are usually the first to be euthanized.

It is believed that black dogs and black cats are harder to find homes for because of superstition, because they are less photogenic, or because they are considered to be frightening.  It’s a shame that superstition plays a part in the adoption of black dogs and black cats.  And as far as being less photogenic and frightening, that is also hard to believe.

I have two black dogs.  One is a black Lab which we call Shiloh.  The other is a Lab/Great Dane mix that we call Teddy.  Both of these dogs are the most lovable dogs ever!  They are sweet and love attention.  They are beautiful dogs both inside and out.  Shiloh is getting up there in years and is quite gray but when she was a pup she had the most beautiful black, shiny coat.  Teddy is black with a little white spot on his chest.  He also has a beautiful, black, shiny coat.

It is a shame that people won’t adopt a dog or cat because it is black.  If you are going to get a dog, please consider adopting a black puppy or a black dog.  Believe it or not, they make great pets too!

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