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This wedding stuff is amazing!  Mommy has all of the old photo albums laying on the floor in her study cos she is scanning pictures of hu bro.  She has found so many pictures that she can use for Flashback Friday that she was in picture heaven! 

Shhhhh…..don’t tell anyone that she was enjoying the doggie pictures cos she is suppose to be putting together pictures of hu bro for the wedding video!  After she finishes scanning all of hu bro’s pictures, she has to start scanning hu sis’ pictures for her wedding.

Mommy just keeps mumbling and saying, “What two kids get married within a year of each other in the same family?”  And she says, “That’s exactly why we had them three years apart, so they wouldn’t do this kind of stuff at the same time!” 

Well…I hate to break it to you mommy, but your long thought out plans didn’t work so well!  Here they are, getting married within in months of each other.  So, mommy has got to get her butt in gear and get busy with this planning stuff.

Mommy has never been big on planning anything, so this is all new to her.  If any of you have any suggestions she would be so thrilled to hear them.  Right now she is pouring through pictures, trying to find a place for hu bro’s rehearsal dinner, and trying to find a venue for hu sis’ wedding.  OMG!  Sounds like mommy is going to be busy!

While she was looking through pictures, she found this one of hu bro and Shiloh.  We just remember Shiloh with all of her grey hair around her muzzle!  We can’t believe she was ever silky black like this picture!  Wasn’t she beautiful!

Lab Puppy

Was That Doggy In The Window My Shiloh From Doggy Heaven?

Shiloh was an awesome dog!  She was so loving and so much fun to be around.  We miss her dearly. 

In fact, the other day mommy took me to the vet and while mommy was paying the huge vet bill a lady with a dog that looked exactly like Shiloh came walking up to the door.  I went crazy and started barking and turning in circles!  I was so excited!  I thought it was Shiloh!  Mommy couldn’t believe I was acting that way cos I have never barked at the vet’s office before.  Any dog can walk into that office, and I just sniff them.  But this was different.  I just knew it was Shiloh and she was there to come back home with me!  I put up such a fuss that the lady had to walk her dog clear down to the end of the shopping mall so that mommy could get me in the car.  I was so sad that it wasn’t Shiloh….but that dog brought back some great memories!

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