Oh my! What a long tongue you have!

Tongue too big for dog's mouth

Diesel’s tongue is rather large for the size of his body so it got us to thinking….why is the tongue so important?  I’d venture to say that one of the reasons isn’t because he is so cute with it hanging out!  His tongue flops back and forth when he is running and when he is being still, it just hangs there!  You have to admit, even though his tongue is rather long, he is still a cutie!

The main purpose of the tongue is to bring food and water to your dog’s mouth.  The tongue lets your dog taste what he is eating and drinking.  Did you know that a dog can detect the sensations of salty, sweet, and sour food items?  The tip of your dog’s tongue gives him the ability to taste and lap water.  When your dog is thirsty, he will use his long tongue in a lapping motion to drink water.  Not only can your dog eat and drink with his tongue, but his tongue also helps him chew and swallow his food.

Another important function of a dog’s tongue is to help him cool down.  Dogs usually stick their tongues way out and spread them as wide as they can when it is hot outside.  When the tongue is extended like this, the mucous membranes and blood vessels are exposed to the air rushing back and forth over the surface of the tongue.  As the air rushes back and forth over the tongue when your dog is panting, it helps cool his body down.  As saliva evaporates from the mouth,  the cooling increases.

Your dog also uses his tongue to clean himself, to lick sore spots on his body and to clean wounds or irritations.  Female dogs use their tongues to groom their puppies and to stimulate their puppies.

There are many reasons your dog’s tongue is important! We think the reason Diesel’s tongue is important is because it makes him look so cute!  Another reason is that he gives us big slobbery kisses with it and if it wasn’t so big, those kisses wouldn’t be so slobbery!

Does your furry friend have an unusually long tongue?


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