If you follow our blog at all, you know that there are two dogs behind our fence that we like to chase and bark at! We have this awesome little hole that we can look through and visit with them! But sometimes, we get a little excited and bite their noses through the fence.

One day not too long ago, we got a little carried away and somehow that hole got a lot bigger! We don’t know how it happened, honest! But the humans behind us, put a board up and now we can’t see our friends in the yard behind us 🙁

It makes us sad cause we really liked barking at them and looking at them through the hole. Mommy says it’s probably a good thing that they patched the hole cause that way we won’t skin our mouths on the fence plank. We really don’t agree with mommy. A little cut here and there never hurt nobody!

Chessie Wants To Play

Hey guys….do you want to play?



I'm Done Watching

I’m done watching, let’s get down to business!


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