The age old saying of ‘there is no place like home,’ has never been more true than when it comes to our dogs. Not only do we need somewhere nice to rest and relax, but our dogs do too. Our homes can be a haven for us and for our dogs. But do you need to make some adjustments in the way that your home is set up, in order to make it a comfortable and safe place for your pet dog? Here are a few things to think about when it comes to creating a haven for your dog. Are there any other things that have worked for you and your dog?

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Inside or Outside?

You will probably know quite early on whether your dog is an indoor dog or an outdoor dog; they will all have a preference. A lot of dogs will prefer an indoor environment and will thrive in it. They are pack animals, and in their eyes, you are part of their pack. So they don’t want to be away from you for too long, which will be the case for outside dogs also. However, some dogs much prefer to be outside. But it is important that they have an environment that is sheltered from the wind and sun if they are outside. Even if you have a small space for them, some grass can be a good idea as it is soft and they can play. To stop them digging it up, though, something like fake grass, much like pet zen garden, could be a good way to go. Whether they are indoors or outdoors, it pays to have somewhere comfortable and in the shade for them.

Check the Temperature

Even though dogs have a thick layer of fur, they, much like us, do not enjoy temperatures that are too cold. So in order to create an environment for them that is comfortable, keep an eye on the temperature. If your dog is outdoors, then obviously, it means bringing them in when it is too cold outside unless you choose to invest in a heated shelter for them.  In the home, check your thermostat and if you’re feeling chilly.  If you are chilly, then chances are that your dog is feeling chilly too.

Remove Hazards

Much like with a child, you need to ‘dog-proof’ your home. However, there are a lot more things that could be hazardous to dogs that you need to look out for. Even some houseplants or flowers in a vase could pose a threat. So look at what you have and check before you buy any new ones to see which ones are the best to avoid.  Make sure that cleaning products or chemicals, as well as medications are out of reach for your dog and not kept in a cupboard that your dog might be able to open.

Be Wary of Food

No doubt at some point in your life, there will be some human food that your dog will come across. But just because it tastes good to you, doesn’t mean that it will taste good to your pet. Some foods can actually prove to be quite harmful. So it is best to avoid the risk of your dog coming into contact with it.





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