Dog and human cancers are similar in many respects.  We share toxic environments with our dogs that can contribute to the development of cancer.  For example, we drink the same water, breathe the same air, and we are exposed to the same household chemicals as our dogs.  There are things that we do different from our dogs such as eat different food than they eat and we are not exposed to as many pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals as they are.  Your dog is exposed to harmful pesticides and toxins every time he goes outside in the backyard and sticks his nose in the ground.

Other toxins that we aren’t exposed to but our dogs are exposed to are found in commercial pet foods.  Pet foods contain ingredients that have been banned in human foods because they can cause severe health hazards.  About 50% of an animal is left
over after it has been processed for human consumption.  These by-products include head, feet, bones, blood, intestines, lungs, spleen, liver, ligaments, fat trimmings, stomach, and fetuses.  They can also include beaks and feathers.  These are used in pet food, animal feed, fertilizer and many other products.

Healthy Puppy

If you want your dog to be healthy, you need to feed him healthy food.  This is especially true if your dog’s health has already been compromised.  A sick dog is even more susceptible to the unnatural chemicals and drugs in commercial dog food.

Tap water from the faucet in your home also has unnatural chemicals and drugs.  Minute levels of pharmaceuticals are found in tap water along with carcinogenic chemicals.  It is important to eliminate these toxins from  your pet’s water because they can cause cancer.  Not only is it important to eliminate them from your pet’s water but you should also eliminate them from your water.  You should use a water filtration system that will eliminate the drugs and chemicals from your water.

Some pet products sold in supermarkets and pet supply stores might also cause cancer in your pet.  They are used to get rid of ticks and fleas on pets.  Government data shows a number of pet illnesses and deaths that are linked to these kinds of products.  These products are popular flea and tick shampoos and drops.  The product is sold under a different name by several different companies.  All of these products contain the same type of pesticide called Pyrethrins or the synthetic version which is called Pyrethroids.  This pesticide is used in well-known products used to kill bugs around your house.  We think it is safe to put these products on our pets because they are sold in supermarkets and pet stores, when actually they aren’t safe if they contain the pesticide Pyrethrin.  Numerous cases of pets with burned skin, seizures, and vomiting  from products with Pyrethrin or Pyrethroids have been reported to the EPA.  In fact, tens of thousands of pet incidents, including thousands of pet deaths, have been reported.

All flea and tick products such as shampoos, collars, dips, sprays and spot on products all contain cancer causing agents.  The effects are cumulative over time.  The more flea and tick products that have been applied to your dog the higher the probability that they will become sick.  A less toxic alternative would be garlic used in small amounts.  Don’t use too much garlic because it can cause a life threatening anemia.  Half a clove a day should be enough.  You can also sprinkle a small amount of garlic powder in your pet’s food.  Another alternative is a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar added to your pet’s water.  Apple cider vinegar can also boost your pet’s immune system.  Cedar oil is an insect repellent that can be applied inside and outside of your house.  You can also dab it on your dog.  Eucalyptas and Lavendar oil sprays are also insect repellents and can be used directly on your dog.  Diatomaceous Earth is also a flea and tick prevention product.  It is non toxic and can be applied to the coat of your dog.  It can also be applied to your lawn and it can also be sprayed on your carpets to prevent fleas.  A good non toxic shampoo that kills fleas is Neem Shampoo.

There could be other toxins in your house, such as cigarette smoke, moth balls, asbestos, etc.  Try to identify any toxins in your house and either reduce them or get rid of them to help you and your pet stay healthy.  Your dog’s health depends on you!

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