If you have dogs, you may find that they have to have surgery at some point in their lives. You may decide to get them neutered or they could have an accident or illness that requires them to have an operation of some kind. So when they’re feeling sorry for themselves, how can you make things a bit easier for them?

Taking Care of a Sick Dog


Your dog is likely to be feeling a bit down in the dumps after his operation so make sure you give him plenty of love and cuddles. This will help him feel safe and secure when he comes home for his recovery. Make sure that you are gentle with him because he might still be feeling sore so give him some space when he needs it.


Your dog might be off his food for a few days after surgery but try not to worry too much. Give him a choice of different wet and dry foods so that he can pick and choose what he feels like eating. Encourage him to eat something and ensure that he remains hydrated because he will need to keep his strength up over the recovery days. Have water bowls in various rooms so that your pup can drink whenever he feels like it without having to make a big journey across the house if he’s feeling lousy.


Depending on the age and general health of your dog, you may want to bring in a few extra bits and pieces to help your dog during the recovery process. If he has a favorite chair that he likes to sit on, he might struggle to climb onto it for a few weeks after his surgery. Try investing in some dog steps to make the climb that much easier for him, allowing him to take his time but still get into his comfy chair.

He may well be wearing a cone, which is probably going to be uncomfortable and make him rather irritable so take this into account when trying to get your dog to do anything. Give him time and be patient, helping him if he seems to be struggling.


When you are taking your dog out for walks, you will need to be a bit careful and it’s likely that you’ll need to invest in a different type of lead. A regular one will probably be too uncomfortable with a cone as well so try a harness instead to take some of the pressure off. Don’t walk your dog for too long to start with as he may become tired very easily. You might even want to keep him in for a few days, depending on how extensive his surgery is. Some dogs will be able to get up and run around after a day or two but others, particularly if they are a bit older may need a little more recovery time.

Ultimately, you need to give your dog time and patience to allow him to recover properly. Make sure you have given him plenty of choices for food, places to rest and sleep, and are ready with a cuddle when he wants one.


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