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Whether it’s due to old age or illness, the death of your dog is never easy. They become part of our family and shower us with unconditional love and loyalty. So when they are no longer there, it can feel like a big part of you is missing. Mourning the loss of a pet is not something that all people understand, especially if they are not pet owners themselves. This can leave you feeling alone and unable to open up about how you are feeling. It’s also difficult to predict how long you will feel this way as we all grieve in different ways. While there is no set way of mourning the loss of your beloved canine, there are things you can do to aid the process.

Join a support group

Support is vital when you’re grieving the death of your dog. So if you’re struggling to come to terms with what has happened, joining a support group can be worthwhile. This can introduce you to people going through the same situation and help you feel less alone. To get you started, visit the APLB website to start talking to other pet owners who are grieving too. Alternatively, there are also plenty of books you can read that are aimed at those who have recently lost pets. The advice given in these books can show you that the emotions you are feeling are perfectly normal.

Remove their things gradually

Removing your dog’s belongings from your home is one of the hardest parts of the grieving process. To make it easier on yourself, try to do this gradually. Many pet owners find comfort in donating their dog’s belongings as they know they will be put to good use. So contact animal shelters to see if they are accepting donations or gift these items to friends with dogs instead.

If donating these items is too upsetting for you, you could create a memory box instead. This can contain all of your dogs favorite toys, their lead and bowls, which you can look at when you want to feel close to them.

Create a memorial

A memorial is a beautiful way of keeping the memory of your dog alive, and they come in many different forms. Urns are popular as they contain your dog’s ashes and can be brought home with you. Planting a tree in your garden can be a living tribute to your pet that you can sit under when you’re feeling sad. Some pet owners even get memorial tattoos of their dog as a permanent reminder of their time together. Take a look online at Modern Memorials and other pet memorial services to see what’s available. Choosing a memorial can be upsetting so make sure you have your loved ones around you to offer support.
The best thing you can do to deal with the passing of your dog is to talk about it. Share stories with your family and reminisce about adventures you’ve had with your dog. Treasure the time you had together and know that you gave them the happiest life they could ever have.



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