Dear Phe:

You left us way too soon.  You were such a mess but we loved you anyway.  You kept us on our toes, with us always keeping our eye out to see what you might be up to next!  We all adored you.  You stole our hearts in the little time that we had with you.

You reminded me of a deer.  You were so graceful and could jump over tall fences or anything else you set your mind to!  I always called you Little Miss Personality Plus because that is exactly what you were.  I have never had a dog that had a personality quite like yours!  You followed me everywhere and spent every moment that you could next to me.  We became so attached to each other.

You were so much fun even though you did cause a little trouble while you were here.  We couldn’t leave you by yourself because you would tear things up.  I know it was because you wanted to be with us and you were just letting us know in your own very special way that you didn’t want to be left alone.  I always knew that I would have a Monday Mischief story due to you!


You made me laugh when…

  • you would turn 10 circles in my bed trying to figure out where to lay down 
  • you would curl up next to me during the night and not let me move away from you
  • you would wake up in the morning and you wouldn’t get out of my bed until I petted you and told you it was okay
  • you would jump the gate in the hallway to get to me in my study
  • you would stick out your bottom lip and pout
  • you chased the little dog behind the fence and hurdled anything and everything that got in your way
  • you would nibble at my face
  • you would leap off the couch landing in front of Scout, taking his toys before he knew what happened. 

Let’s just say…you made me laugh a lot!

You even stole hu daddy’s heart.  He didn’t think he would ever become attached to a dog like he became attached to you.  You were just a very special little girl and now we all have a big hole in our hearts.  We miss you so very much.

Run free little Phe.  May you run forever fast and forever free.  We love you.


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