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A dog’s dental hygiene is just as important as human dental care. Just like us, our pets also suffer from bad breath, plaque and tartar accumulations. The thing you need to realize is that regular dental care for your dog will prevent some problems and costly procedures later.

Taking Care of Your Dog's TeethThe main cause of a dog’s dental problems is eating food intended for human consumption, because such food often contains sugar, and sugar is what causes tooth decay of your pet. On the other hand, if you feed your dog with canned dog food only, it is very important to provide your dog with regular dental care because soft food does not provide mechanical teeth cleaning. It sticks to the dog’s teeth and this causes a lot of problems.

Check your dog’s teeth regularly

A healthy dog’s teeth should be white and clean. Solid food, bones and special dog biscuits clean and prevent plaque accumulations to some extent.

In order to prevent plaque and tartar accumulation, you should start checking your dog’s teeth regularly when it is young, and clean them at least once a week. Of course, dogs do not perceive such an unnatural hygiene procedure easily, so try not to overdo it and don’t cause any additional discomfort to your pet.

Remember that plaque is usually gathered as a brownish colorization near the gums. Then some tartar accumulates and eventually, a dog’s healthy pink gums get red and swollen. At this point, if you leave your pet with no medical assistance, the dog can develop gingivitis or other serious gum inflammations. This problem can lead not only to bad breath, but even worse – it can cause serious damage to your dog’s jaw bone and cause tooth loss.

How to proceed with dental care for your dog

There are several things you need to know to keep the teeth of your dog in good condition. Start caring for its dental hygiene as soon as possible after its birth so it can enjoy clean and healthy teeth. This is what you can do in order to prevent serious gum and teeth problems:

  •  Never clean your dog’s teeth with a toothbrush or toothpaste designed for humans, because this can make your dog sick. Use only the products made especially for pets.
  • Daily teeth brushing is recommended, and another good idea is to get used to brushing your dog’s teeth when brushing your own teeth in order to build a certain habit for both of you.
  • Before you start cleaning your dog’s teeth for the first time, ask your vet to show you some techniques and good practices in order to be sure you do it properly.
  •  What can you do in order to help your dog

First, visit your dog’s vet and let them clean its teeth. The procedures applied in such cases are pretty much similar to the procedures that are performed from your dentist when cleaning your teeth. The only difference is that dogs have their teeth cleaned under local or general anesthesia.

Always brush your dog’s teeth regularly between your visits to the veterinarian’s office. Buy a special toothbrush and toothpaste designed especially for dogs.

  •  How to brush your dog’s teeth

Start by squeezing a small portion of toothpaste on your finger and gently massage your dog’s front teeth and gums. After a few minutes, start brushing the dog’s teeth with a special brush with rounded and soft hair. Start cleaning the front upper teeth of the dog moving the brush up and down and apply the same action on the dog’s lower teeth. When the dog starts to get used to this new activity, start cleaning its back teeth with the same motion you have used to clean its front teeth.

An alternative of brush cleaning is giving your dog an object to chew in order to clean its teeth. Some recent research has shown that specialized chewing pacifiers lead to a significant reduction of plaque and tartar accumulations, as well as reduction of bad breath.


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