Design a Pet-Friendly Home
It goes without saying that you love your four-legged friends and think of them as valued members of the family. But this doesn’t mean you are always enamored with their rambunctious ways. From chewed up LEGOs and cable wires to drifts of dog hair in every corner, your pets can be a handful. You are ready to take control and design a stylish and pet-friendly home. Check out how with the following tips:

Go Wireless

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a dog on the planet who can resist the chewy goodness of wires and cables. Not only is this habit destructive, it can also be dangerous. To avoid this situation as much as possible, convert as many of your electronics as you can to wireless options. The Dig notes that wireless speakers have grown in popularity, as seen by the variety of options available, including Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay and Sonos. Dish also provides a wireless Joey receiver so you can send TV, music and videos to more than one location in your home at once.

Choose Stain-Resistant Fabrics

Just like parents of young children usually forego buying silk-covered couches, as a pet parent you should stick with stain-resistant choices for your upholstery. HGTV recommends Crypton as an attractive synthetic fabric that is resistant to muddy paws, stains and a variety of odd pet smells. Other stylish choices include leather or pleather, which is easy to clean and stands up to doggy claws, and Ultrasuede, which is machine-washable and smooth. Vinyl is another option that tends to be a lot more affordable. It’s also highly stain resistant and comes in a wide variety of colors.

Match Furniture Colors to Your Pup’s Fur

Although you can vacuum and groom your pup regularly, dog hair is a real problem. You don’t want to spend a lot of time picking out the right couch only to have it splattered with dog hair. If you have a golden retriever, opt for light and tan-colored fabrics. But if you have a chocolate lab, look for darker-colored furniture that can hide the hair.

Give Dog Toys Their Own Place

It can be difficult for some dogs to differentiate between their own toys and the ones that belong to their two-legged siblings. Purchase a large and attractive basket to store all of your dog’s toys. Teach your dog that his or her toys are found in the basket, and resist buying your pooch stuffed toys that closely resemble your child’s beloved stuffed animals. While you want to satisfy your dog’s urge to chew, skip the stinky rawhides and pigs ears and go for Nylabones and Kong toys that look great and keep your dog busy instead.

Install Hard Floors Instead of Carpet

Carpets absorb doggy smells, trap pet hair and are hard to keep clean. If your budget allows it, replace your carpet with laminate flooring, painted concrete or tile. These flooring options are durable, gorgeous and much easier to mop or vacuum.

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