Yay!  We are so excited!  Mommy just found out last night that Dixie was adopted.  Dixie is the senior chocolate Lab that we featured on Tuesday’s Tails this week!  Yay for Dixie.  Mommy was so worried about her because she was an older dog and she didn’t look very happy at the shelter when mommy was there!  We are so happy that Dixie found her forever home and we have even more good news….Rex was adopted last night too and it looks like Oscar may also have been adopted!  We featured Rex awhile back on Tuesday’s Tails.  Now if Babe, Polly and Ira can get adopted that would be awesome!

Adopt this Lab

Dixie – ADOPTED!


Adopt this Lab Mix



Adopt this Dog

Polly – Looking for forever home


Min Pin and Pittie Mix

Ira – looking for forever home


Dog Needs a Forever Home

Babe – Looking for forever home


So we will keep our paws crossed and hope that the others find forever homes too!  This is going to be a great day!





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