High-Tech Dog Collar Sends Text Messages

Dog Collar Used to Save Dog's Lives

A text is sent to the dog’s owner notifying them that their dog is in danger.
Photo credit…The Toronto Star.

We have read about so many dogs dying in hot cars this summer that one should ask themselves why something hasn’t been done to help remedy this problem?  Yeah…I know…there really isn’t much that can be done unless a Good Samaritan is walking by and breaks the car window to rescue the dog or the owner is found before it is too late for the dog.

Aaron Starkman, an advertising executive at Rethink which is an ad agency, decided to do something about this problem.  Starkman and his team have invented a “Dog Caller” that sends a text to the dog owner’s cellphone when the temperature in the car is too hot for Fido to handle.  They created this “Dog Caller” hoping to save dogs’ lives.  The “Dog Caller” is still in the prototype phase, but when it is released to the market Rethink plans to sell it for around $20.  They hope to release the collar next year.

The “Dog Caller” is made of a SIM card, a thermistor, a few LEDs and a coded chip.  It operates something like a cellphone but it doesn’t have a keypad or screen.  The collar monitors temperature and alerts the dog’s owner when the temperature passes a 26-degrees-Celsius tipping point.  That is almost 79 degrees Fahrenheit.  The collar will notify the dog’s owners before it is too late for their pet.  This collar will not only be effective for alerting owner’s if it is too hot for their dog in the car but will also alert owner’s if it is too hot for their dog wherever the dog is.  For example, if Fido is trapped in an apartment or house that is sweltering hot, the owner will be notified by a text message.  How awesome is that?

Of course, because your dog is wearing the collar doesn’t mean you should leave him in a hot car.  This collar is intended only for purposes where your dog is left in a car by mistake.  And as we all know, this will probably work best for the responsible dog owner that forgot that Fido was left in the car.

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