Ways to Keep Your Pooch Busy
Shortly after my husband and I got married, we adopted our first puppy. To honor our mutual love of hockey we named our little fireball of a border collie Zamboni, and were soon madly in love with the busy puppy who loved to chew, cuddle and herd the neighbor’s cats.

We quickly learned that in order to keep Zamboni happy and our home reasonably intact while we were at work, we had to puppy-proof our home and keep him well-stocked with plenty of things to do. This became exceptionally clear when I came home to a flooded bathroom because Zamboni found the little plastic hose that ran from the toilet tank to the water line to be exceptionally chewy and delicious.

Of course, you don’t have to be the parent of a rambunctious puppy to understand how important it is to keep your dog busy while you are gone. The days can get long for our precious pooches, and even senior dogs enjoy staying busy until you get back home. With this in mind, check out the following tips and ideas to keep your dog happy and safe while you are at work:

Remove all obvious dangers

While this advice is especially true for new puppies, even a bored 8-year-old dog will chew up pillows and T-shirts they find in the laundry. Before leaving for work, make sure you put away anything you don’t want your dog to chew. Close your kid’s bedroom door to protect the giant LEGO tower on the floor, move the loaf of bread from the counter to the top of the fridge and put that tasty remote control in the coffee table drawer.

Put on some background noise

According to Rover.com, many dogs enjoy it when you leave the radio or TV on. To keep things interesting, change the station and have the volume pretty low; this way, your sensitive-eared dog can still snooze and relax when she wants to. As a bonus, the background noise might block some of the noises from outdoors that can cause your pooch to bark wildly and jump around while you are away.

Teach him to entertain himself

Blessed is the dog who can find positive things to do while his parents are away. Thanks to the iFetch, it’s easier than ever for fetch-loving dogs to stay busy. The iFetch is an ingenious product that lets dogs play fetch by themselves all day, every day. The machine works with standard miniature tennis balls, and stimulates the dog’s mind to learn something new while also giving him plenty of good physical exercise. Of course, you want to set up the iFetch in a part of the home that is free of breakables and make sure the balls are a good fit for your dog’s mouth.


Challenge him with a puzzle

Puzzle balls that you fill with treats are another great way to keep your four-legged friend occupied. This IQ Treat Ball from Amazon is super affordable way to help your dog stay mentally and physically challenged.

You can also make your own puzzle pails; simply add a few Milkbones to the bottom of a sturdy plastic pail, put a hand towel over the treats and then place a favorite ball or toy on top of the towel. Continue to fill the bucket with layers of treats, toys and towels that encourage your dog to figure out how to get everything taken out and enjoyed.

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