Pit Bull Dog BreedA veterinary technician stepped in to save a doomed dog, who lost a paw and was set to be euthanized in California.  The veterinary technician helped Skip, a Pit Bull, get a prosthetic paw.

Skip’s owners discovered he had a bone deformity when he was two months old.  The dog’s paw eventually fell off when they couldn’t afford to have him treated.

When Skip’s paw fell off there was some bone exposed and he either needed to be treated or euthanized.  The owners couldn’t take care of him so they gave the puppy to the Merced Veterinary Clinic where he was scheduled to be euthanized.  Instead of being euthanized, Xenia Onofre, a veterinary technician stepped in and volunteered to take Skip in.

Skip had two surgeries and months of medication, bandages and treatment.  All of it was unsuccessful.  Doctors tried to graft skin from the bottom of Skip’s limb but that didn’t work either.  He was rubbing and scratching it even though he had a cone around his neck.

Dr. Betty Lawson, a veterinarian at Merced Veterinary Clinic, contacted Spencer Greene at Merced’s Hangar Clinic.  This is the same clinic that made the very first prosthetic dolphin tail for Winter.  Winter is a bottlenose dolphin who lost her tail after it got tangled in a crab trap in 2005.  The 2011 movie “Dolphin Tale” is about Winter.

Green went to work on a prosthetic for Skip’s paw.  He made a mold of Skip’s limb so he could build a prosthetic that fit correctly.

The prosthetic is like a little cup that comes up the back of his leg with two straps on the front to secure it and padding on the inside for comfort.

“He just literally took off running when he had it on,” Greene said.

According to the Hangar Clinic, Skip is able to run longer and play like other dogs.  The clinic built the prosthetic for free as a way to give back.



ABC News

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