Grooming a dog is important to a his overall health.  Good grooming consists of trimming their nails regularly, brushing and bathing them and brushing their teeth.  Grooming your dog should be an enjoyable experience for both you and your dog.

Dog Grooming

There are all kinds of dog grooming supplies in the market place.  Grooming items such as mitts and gloves, soft to hard bristled brushes, shampoos and conditioners, nail trimming kits, toothbrushes and toothpaste, to name a few are easy to find.

Because there are so many different types of brushes it is important to brush your puppy with a soft bristled brush.  This will get them used to being brushed and it is softer on their skin and delicate body.  Long-haired dogs and dogs with thicker coats should be brushed with a brush that is made specifically for them.  Make sure you brush your long-haired dog with a brush that will brush through the hair.

If you are going to groom your dog at home, one of the best places to groom him would be in the bathtub.  It makes it harder for them to run away if they are in the tub!   You should start grooming them by clipping their nails.  Clipping them in the bathtub is a good idea because the water will rinse away any bleeding that the clipping might cause.  Nail trimming is important because nails that aren’t trimmed can get overgrown.  An overgrown nail can get caught and be torn off.  Overgrown nails can also get long enough that they grow into the pads on the bottom of the dog’s foot.  Don’t clip too much of the nail because you don’t want to cut into the vein.  Be careful to cut off only the tips of the nails.  You might give your dog treats while you are grooming  him in the bathtub to make it a little bit more enjoyable for the dog and yourself.

After clipping the nails, you need to clean his ears.  You can find a liquid ear cleaner at a pet store.  Open his ear and apply a couple of drops in the ear.  Massage his ear and let the liquid do its job.  This should loosen up all of the wax making it easy for you to swab it out with a cotton ball.  You can use a q-tip to go around inside of the ear to get the wax and debris out, but be very careful with the q-tip.  Never stick the q-tip way into the ear.  If you stick the q-tip too far into the ear, you could touch the eardrum making it very uncomfortable for your dog.  Touching the eardrum could damage your dog’s ear, so be very careful.

After the ears have been cleaned it is time to bathe your dog.  Soak your dog thoroughly.  After your dog is wet, apply a small amount of soap starting at the top of his back and massage it into a nice thick lather.  After you finish rubbing in the shampoo you can rinse your dog.  Start rinsing your dog at the top of the back and push the lather down his back.  If he starts to shake, grab the base of his neck and apply gentle pressure.  This method may keep him from shaking water everywhere.  Make sure to rinse all of the soap off of his body.  Rinse his body thoroughly, getting the nooks and crannies such as the armpits and behind the back legs.  Leaving soap on your dog can cause him to itch so make sure you rinse all of the soap off of him. When you are finished rinsing your dog, push the water off of his body with your hands.  Start pushing the water off at the top of his back and push it down his back.