We have said it before and we will say it again…dogs can do the most amazing things.  Bear is one of those amazing dogs that is now being called a hero.  Bear is a four-year-old-black Labrador who saved 14-month-old Stanley from drowning in the family pool.  On that day Bear became more than a hunting dog…he became a hero!

Patricia Drauch, 30, of Marcellus, Michigan went into the garage to get a gardening tool.  Stanley was walking next to her one moment and the next thing she knew he was gone.  When she noticed Stanley was no longer by her side, she ran out of the garage looking for him.  She found him unconscious in the swimming pool.  When she saw Stanley she thought he was floating in the pool but she soon found out that he wasn’t floating at all.  Stanley was on Bear’s back…Bear was holding Stanley up balancing him on his back.

Stanley’s mother said that Bear wouldn’t bark or move.  She said it was like Bear was afraid to move until she got Stanley out of the pool.  Stanley’s brother, Kyle, elaborated by saying, “Bear was trying to keep Stanley up so he wouldn’t die.”

When Stanley’s mother got him out of the pool his lips were blue and his eyes were rolled back.  She tried to call 911 but couldn’t get cellphone reception.  She immediately drove Stanley to the Marcellus Fire Department, during which she was able to finally get in touch with Cass County Central Dispatch.  Stanley regained consciousness while they were on their way to the Fire Department.  He was sent to Three Rivers Hospital to be examined and treated.


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