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Pet-Tracking Devices

We have all heard of microchipping our dog in case they get lost, but have you heard of tracking your dog with a GPS device?  It is an awful feeling if you lose your dog but to be on the safe side, your dog should be microchipped.  Microchipping your dog might not always help in finding your dog if he is lost, so there are other ways of tracking your dog that are becoming available.

Consumer reports tested three different tracking devices to see if they could help locate lost dogs.  The devices they tested were:

As with anything, the three devices have their pros and cons:

Pros Cons
  • Uses a handset which makes it easy to track your dog
  • Limited range which could be affected by terrains and buildings
  • Only has 24 hours of battery life
Garmin GTU 10
  • Can create up to 10 online “geofences” with different sizes
  • Location updates are quick if use deluxe tracking plan
  • Easier to track
  • Battery life is shorter
  • Can use smartphone to keep tabs on your dog
  • Information is relayed through a cell-phone network and costs $50 for the first year to used this service.  Uses AT&T’s cell-phone network.
  • Deluxe tracking plan is an additional $5 per month
Tagg Pet Tracker
  • Create online “geofences”
  • Tracking is quick and easy
  • Can use smartphone to keep tabs on your dog
  • Minimum virtual boundary is about 4 acres which is much bigger than the average yard.  This is a con because your dog could be next door digging up the neighbor’s yard and you would never know it.
  • Information is relayed through a cell-phone network and costs $7.95 per month after the first month.  Uses Verizon’s cell-phone network.

Make sure you factor in all costs if you are thinking about getting one of these tracking services for your dog.

From the pros and cons above, the Garmin GTU 10 looks like it might be the best device for finding your missing four legged friend.  Even if you get one of these GPS devices to keep track of your dog, it is still important to have your dog microchipped.

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