Leaving your beloved pet at home alone for long hours can be as much pain for you as for your pet. This is a situation where you are caging your dog and you must try to avoid this scenario as much as possible. Cruelty to animals is not only about being cruel to them physically but it is also about putting too much stress on their mental health. When you keep your pet locked indoors for long hours, you are the latter type of cruelty is being committed. Add to this another scenario when you come back home at the end of a hard day’s work, and even though you might feel it necessary to take your dog for a walk, you are just too tired. If conditions are limiting and you have no way out, think about availing the services of a dog walkers.

Dog Walking


The Professional Angle

Walking dogs for a living has become a profession that many have taken up. Their presence in  society is evident through scenes in movies and television shows where you will find an extra enacting the role of a dog walker. There is nothing new to the job that first surfaced way back in 1935. An article appeared in The New York Times carrying the title “Walking the Dog Big Business.” At that time, dog walks would cost $5 a month. The interesting fact per projections available from the labor market, in the next decade, walking dogs for a living will have better prospects of employment than teaching children in schools.

Beneficial For Dog Health

The increase in demand for people willing to take dogs for walks is an indication that people have become more conscious about the health of their pets. Walking dogs to allow them to relieve themselves is routine and customary. However, there must be some schedule of regular dog walks so that it helps your canine to maintain good health.

  • Walking contributes to preventing your dog from being overweight and retaining its agility and smartness.
  • Walking is beneficial for digestion and alleviates constipation.
  • Reducing the possibility of hyperactivity through regular walks helps to calm down your dog’s behavior and prevent unruliness.
  • Walking makes dogs more confident as they become used to adapting to different environments.

Get Your Dog Ready For Walkers

For availing the service in professional dog walking, you must make your dog ready for acceptance by the professionals. The first and foremost requirement for dogs to become eligible for accompaniment by walkers is that it must be capable of socializing and possess good health. Its behavior, if not mild and timid, must be non-aggressive. All vaccinations necessary must be up-to-date, and if it is an adult dog, you must ensure that it is spayed or neutered.

The walking schedule is set up according to mutual convenience so that it continues. The service provider takes care of any special requirements, and you can even expect a tailored payment plan.



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