We had a yellow lab, Summer, that hated fireworks.  If she was in our backyard and fireworks started going off, she would jump the fence.  This fence was a six foot wooden stockade fence, so by no means was this an easy task for her to accomplish.  After she jumped the fence one stormy 4th of July, we had to come up with other options when people were setting off fireworks.  That stormy 4th of July night,  my son and I spent most of  the night looking for her.  We feared the worst, but the next morning I received a phone call from a lady that had found Summer.  She was a couple of miles from our house, but she was okay.  After that 4th of July, we made sure to keep Summer in the house when fireworks were being set off.  The following are some suggestions if your dog is frightened by fireworks:

  • If your dog is an outside dog, it would probably be a good idea to bring your dog inside.
  • If at all possible, try to stay with your dog during the fireworks.  Just by you being there with your dog, it will help keep him calm.
  • If your dog has his own special place where he can go it will help him feel safe.  For example, an indoor kennel, a  corner area in the house, a place under the stairs, etc.
  • Keep the windows and curtains closed while the fireworks are going off.  This will help make the noise and bright flashes not as noticeable.  You might try turning on the television or turning on music to help distract your dog and lessen the effects of the loud noises from the fireworks.
  • Make sure your dog has a collar and up-to-date identification tags on.  Because Summer’s tags were up-to-date, the lady could call us.  If she hadn’t had tags, who knows what would have happened to her.

We learned a lesson that 4th of July night.  We now make sure that our dogs are inside the house and that the television is turned on when fireworks are going off.  We also try to stay with our dogs, but if for some reason we can’t, we still leave them in the house and turn on the television or radio.

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