The relationship between humans and dogs has existed for around 15,000 years. Early man relied on them for protection and companionship. In a world with so many early predators, it was essential to have such a trustworthy and loyal companion. But why a dog?

Dogs have some incredible senses, which far surpasses our own. A dog’s nose, for instance, has 220 million scent-sensitive cells; we only have 10 million. They can also hear five times better (50,000-65,000 cycles per second, vs. our 20,000). After being around humans for so many years, they are now as intelligent (linguistically as a two-year-old child). Dogs can understand around 250 words & gestures and can count up to five.

Right now, there are an estimated 400 million dogs worldwide. Forty-seven percent of households have a dog. With all of their heightened senses and love for us, there is very little a dog wouldn’t do for their family. Were they to choose between their own safety or your own, they’d always choose you. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to come to all of that with ADT home monitoring. Protect your home and your buddy 24/7 against burglaries, fires, floods and carbon monoxide. Love goes both ways.



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