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Boo is a dog. At least, that’s what his Facebook page says. How he types without thumbs is a mystery, but apparently it works, because he has more than 15 million “likes.” Social media is no longer exclusively for the two-legged; dogs and their human companions are creating social media profiles to share photos and philosophical tidbits with the pet-loving world.  You can find our Facebook page here.


Zuckerberg’s brainchild is the world’s largest social network for humans with 1.23 billion subscribers worldwide. It is also the world’s biggest social network for dogs. Let’s do the math:

  • Forty-seven percent of people own a dog, according to the Humane Society
  • Forty-seven percent of 1.23 billion is 578 million subscribers with dogs
  • Since 14 percent of dog owners have created a profile for their dog, according to a survey by, then there are 81 million pooches on Facebook.

The bottom line is that Fido will be in good company when you create his profile.


Since most dog’s typing skills are poor, video goes a long way. Type in the words “dogs on YouTube” into a Google search and you will get 157 million results, most of which are videos. YouTube is a great way to capture the personality of your pet, including howls of joy and frustrated barks. Creating a channel on YouTube is relatively simple if you have a Google account. If your dog’s channel is popular enough, then use AdSense to monetize it and make your puppy earn his kibble.


The problem with Facebook and YouTube is that you do not need to have a pet to have a profile. For those of us who do not want to be pestered with human problems, there is Woof. Tagged as the social media network for dog lovers, the Woof app lets you create a profile for your dog, find canine-friendly parks and monitor your dog’s territories as you walk. This app works with your smartphone GPS to make your outdoor time with your pup as pleasant as possible. With the right smartphone, you can post pics of your pooch right from the dog park and instantly share them with your new friends. This is a good network for active dogs and those who love them.

K9 Friends United

If your dog’s version of taking a walk means sitting in a purse as you go shopping then K9 Friends United is your social media network. Not only is this social, it is a business link for dog-friendly people to work together and share business ideas. This is a community of like-minded individuals who love dogs. Some of the business opportunities are specific to pet care, while others are general entrepreneurship, going with the assumption that a dog lover must be a good person. Of course, the social part of the community still lets you post pics of Fifi dressed as Queen Elizabeth.

Dog Community

Dog people are a very special breed (pun totally intended.) Like our canine friends, we form packs, value loyalty and wag our whole body when we see friends. More than a social network, we need a true community. That’s what DoggySpace offers—like all the rest, you can post pics of your dog, but DoggySpace is unique because it gives you a blog-style educational space to communicate with other dog lovers and make play dates for your doggies.

Don’t forget about Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter!  These are also great ways for your pooch to share on social media!  You can find us on Pinterest here, check us out on Instagram here, and tweet at us here!


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